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How to Jailbreak PS4 Gaming Console [2022]

  • PS4 aka PlayStation 4 is a video gaming console introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • It is developed to help players enjoy high-end games without any lags or FPS issues.
  • I will discuss methods to Jailbreak PS4.
Jailbreak PS4

Every PS4 gaming console comes with firmware that follows the company’s policies. Which doesn’t allow users to make certain customizations or buy desired games at expected prices. That’s why many players now prefer to jailbreak their gaming console, as it helps them in making the most of their expensive PlayStation 4.

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Certain modifications like custom ROM and themes can only be made possible within a jailbroken PS4 gaming console. In addition, players also get to install PS3 and PS2 games on PlayStation 4, which is kind of very interesting.


Well, there are also some disadvantages of jailbreaking PS4, as it wouldn’t allow you to connect with the Sony network and play online multiplayer games. Further, you will not be able to enjoy new games or claim the warranty of your gaming console.

How Do I Jailbreak PS4?

PS4 Original, Slim, and Pro are the three variants – and all of these models can be jailbroken. But before proceeding, you have to be aware of the currently installed firmware. Because the method I will be using, only works on 9.00 or older versions. That’s why I’m first going to teach you to check the PS4 firmware version.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Check PS4 Firmware

1. From the home screen of PS4, navigate to Settings.

Check PS4 Firmware
2. Swipe down and select the System section.

3. Go to the System Information tab.

4. Choose the System Software section.

5. Check the System Software Update, if it’s 9.00 or older.

Jailbreak PS4 (9.00 or Older)

1. Click here to download the pOOBs4 file from GitHub, on your computer.

2. Install any image reader tool like MiniTool Drive Copy.

3. Plugin a USB drive to your PC.

4. Launch the downloaded pOOBs file using the installed image reader.

5. Choose the inserted USB as the output device.

6. On PS4, check your IP Address (navigate to Settings >> Network >> View Connection Status).

7. Visit the https://kameleonreloaded.github.io/900/ website on your gaming console.

Jailbreak PS4
8. Allow the website to load peacefully.

9. Insert the USB drive with the pOOBs image file, once you are asked by the portal.

10. Click on the Ok button to proceed.

11. After getting a warning popup that your USB isn’t supported, click on the Ok button.

12. Once you start getting the Awaiting Payload notification, it’s time for you to download GoldHEN.

13. Visit GitHub to download GoldHEN and a tool like NetCat GUI to inject the payload.

14. Once GOLDHEN and NetCat GUI is downloaded on your computer, open NetCat GUI.

15. Enter the IP Address of your PS4 and click on Inject Payload.

16. After getting a confirmation notification, remove your USB.

17. Now, you can enjoy all the perks of jailbroken PS4.

Jailbreak PS4 (7.55 or Older)

1. Navigate to Settings >> System >> Automatic Downloads. Uncheck all the boxes, to disable automatic firmware updates.

2. Go to the Network section in Settings, and select the Set Up Internet Connection section.

3. Select Custom and choose the following values:

a. IP Address: Automatic
b. DNS: Do Not Specify >> Manual

4. Add the following DNS Address values:

a. Primary DNS (
b. Secondary DNS (

5. Select Automatic for MTU Settings.

6. Select the Do Not Use option for the proxy server.

7. Navigate to User Guide/Helpful Info >> User’s Guide.

8. Select a PS4 Update Version and Disable Updates.

9. Clear all the browsing data, cache, cookies, and website Data, from Settings.

10. Choose Mira Payload and allow your PS4 to restart.

11. Now, you can install games on PS4, using the Package Installer.

FAQs: Jailbreak PlayStation 4

How to Fix PS4 Crashes During Jailbreak?

If you get stuck in the process of jailbreaking PS4, your only option is to restart the gaming console and start the process from scratch.

How is PS4 Jailbreak Good?

After jailbreaking PS4, users get to enjoy games from other PlayStations on their devices, get to add custom ROMs, and add themes for more fun.

Can PS4 Jailbreak Be Dangerous?

It isn’t dangerous to jailbreak PS4, however, you should be aware of the fact that your gaming console’s warranty is not valid, afterward.

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