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How to Install MEE6 Bot on Discord? [2022]

  • MEE6 is considered a good Discord Bot for server administrators and moderators.
  • It includes services like playing music, role leveling, making announcements, etc.
  • I will be sharing details to help you Install MEE6 Bot on Discord.
MEE6 Bot on Discord

Discord is becoming popular among many users, who prefer to join a community containing people of interest. But not many look after the struggle that’s made for creating and managing a community. An administrator or moderator has to go under certain criteria, to keep their server indulging, 24/7.

To accomplish all the server roles as a moderator Bots like MEE6 play a vital role. As they allow the server caretakers to fully manage their server’s activities, only by implying a command of interest. Here are some popular commands, that can be used to make the most out the of MEE6 Bot on Discord.

!banPermanently excludes select members from the server for violating rules
!tempbanExcludes members from the server for a specified time
!kickOnly removes users from the server
!muteMute’s members
!unmuteUnmute members
!tempmuteMute’s members for a specified time
!clearDeletes all messages from a channel
!role-infoCollects information about specific roles
!user-infoProvide information about a user
!server-infoProvide information about the current Discord server
!infractionsProvide an overview of the rule violations of a user
!slowmodeLimits the number of messages and content appearing in a channel
!unbanTerminates the exclusion of a user from the server again
!warnSend warnings to specific members

How Do I Install MEE6 Bot on Discord?

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It would be best to get the MEE 6 Bot from the official website. As it would help you avoid any scams or malware that can also infect your community’s standards. So I’ll teach you the right method to install the MEE6 Bot on Discord on your device.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Adding MEE6 Bot on Discord

1. Launch a web browser of your choice and visit the https://mee6.xyz/ website on it.

Add MEE6 Bot on Discord
2. Click on the Add to Discord button, and wait until you are led to the Discord client.

Set Up MEE6 Bot on Discord
3. Now, to confirm your action, read the presented instructions carefully, and click on the Authorize button.

4. You can also set up MEE6 Bot, once it is added to Discord.

Video Tutorial: Install & Set Up MEE6 Bot on Discord

FAQs: MEE6 Bot on Discord

Is MEE6 Free on Discord?

MEE6 also contains premium services for $11/month, $49.99/year, or pay a one-time subscription fee of $89.90. The required fee is to support developers who are making it possible for users to benefit from this Discord BOT. Though, you can also use it for free, but with limited features.

Why Is MEE6 So Popular?

Many server administrators and moderators admire using the services of MEE6. It is popular because of its customizations that allow one to add custom commands, to manage channels and servers. They can also add plugins, to make the bot more useful.

Is MEE6 an NFT?

Getting a MEE6 avatar NFT can be very beneficial for you. It will help you in getting into an exclusive group, where you can interact with people, who have good knowledge about the NFT market and are willing to help you in buying or selling NFT.

How to Use MEE6 Bot Commands?

Users are only required to add the perspective command in the chatbox, to use them instantly. Such commands perform different tasks and can be used by the community members. For instance, you only need to add the !rules command to make server rules appear in the chat.

How Uninstall MEE6 Bot on Discord?

While interacting with a server in which you have installed MEE6 Bot, simply right-click on the MEE6 BOt and select the Kick option. Now, confirm your action from the appearing dialogue box. The bot gets removed from the server instantly, you are not required to wait or make any requests.

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