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How to Get Pandora Premium for Free [2022]

  • Pandora is a music streaming app which gives you the freedom of creating your channels.
  • There are three subscription plans for this music app.
  • I will discuss how to Get Pandora Premium for Free.
Get Pandora Premium for Free

It’s hard to ignore Pandora, a service in which you can create your own channel. But the offered subscriptions include different services. With a free subscription, you have the bear the advertisements, which are not preffered by any user. That’s why Sirius XM Holdings have provided three different plans, for individuals who want to keep using Pandora, according to their laws.

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With these separate subscriptions, which I found to be reasonable, it’s possible for everyone to claim music streaming services, as they please. However, all of the plans come with different features and prices. And for some users, such prices are high, even for the people who can afford gas nowadays.


Pandora Plans

All songs availableYesYesYes
Search and Play songsNoYesYes
Favorite PodcastsNoYesYes
Skip Songs UnlimitedNoYesYes
Offline ListeningNoYes (limited)Yes
Create & Share PlaylistsNoNoYes
  • FREE – $0/month.
  • PLUS – $4.99/month.
  • PREMIUM – $9.99/month.

How Do I Get Pandora Premium for Free?

There are two different ways of using Pandora Premium for free. Either you can go with the trail of 60-days or redeem the Pandora Premium promo codes. I would be glad to share the details regarding these two methods, so you can even imply these two methods at the same time, to use Pandora Premium for 90-days.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Pandora Premium Free Trial

Pandora actually offers a free trial for users who are interested in checking out the premium services. One can avail of this trial to enjoy the services for free. No user is required to pay a single penny at the time of subscription or while upgrading to access the trial version.

Pandora Premium Free Trial
1. Visit the Pandora website on your web browser.

2. Click on the Signup or Login button to proceed.

3. Create an account or just sign in with your existing account.

4. From the top-right corner, click on the Upgrade button.

5. Click on the Get 60-Days Free button.

6. Enter your credit card or PayPal details.

7. Hit the Start Trial button.

Pandora Premium Promo Codes

Users can also use Pandora Premium promo codes to use the VIP services for free. Such promo codes are offered by various websites like Groupon. One can benefit from these sites to get the promo code and then redeem it, on the Pandora website.

Pandora Premium Promo Codes
1. Visit the Groupon web page on your browser.

2. Use the search bar to locate Pandora Premium.

3. Select an item from the provided search results.

4. Choose a $0 for Pandora Premium subscription and click on the Buy button.

5. Complete the login procedure on the Groupon website.

6. Place an order of $0 by using your credit card or PayPal account.

7. Navigate to the Settings on Pandora.

8. Select the Redeem option from the left sidebar.

9. Enter the received promo code and click on the Redeem button.

FAQs: Get Pandora Premium

How to get Pandora without ads for free?

If you are interested in using Pandora without ads, you should get a premium subscription. There are ways to use this subscription for 60-90 days, which I have mentioned above. Else, you can also use an ad-blocker to remove ads from the app.

What’s the main difference between Pandora Plus and Premium?

On Pandora Premium, you get all the services that are included within the Plus subscription. Besides that, you also get unlimited offline listening and a chance to manipulate songs, as per your mood.

Does Pandora offer a yearly subscription?

Yes, Pandora allows clients to pay for their subscriptions yearly. However, you don’t get a discount by paying for a year, unless you are a student or militant.

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