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How To Get Discord Nitro For Free [2022]

  • Discord Nitro is a premium membership that enables various VIP privileges.
  • It can be used to access several perks for increasing the server audience.
  • I will describe methods to Get Discord Nitro For Free.
Discord Nitro For Free

There’s no denying that getting Discord Nitro can be very beneficial. But this premium service isn’t available for free, you are required to pay $10 a month to take advantage of the premium perks. Otherwise, keep trying your luck to get more audience and keep them happy with the provided services.

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However, if you are intrigued with Discord Nitro’s services, you can also implement various methods to get it for free. There are some legal ways of getting such a premium subscription, without paying a single penny.


How Do I Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Here I have discussed some workarounds to help you get Discord Nitro For Free. With such tricks, you will not be required to pay to get Discord Nitro, but only benefit from the premium perks. So without any further ado, let’s get to the point of attention.

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Discord Nitro Free Trial

Discord Nitro Free Trial

Rather than implying any tricks to get Discord Nitro For Free, you should first checkout for the free trial. The Discord team provides nitro trials from time-to-time, for users who haven’t yet got their premium subscription.

Whenever the trial is offered by Discord, you will get a notification from the developer team and then you claim it, whenever you please. However, at times when you don’t receive it, you can navigate to User Settings >> Billing Settings.

It would be best to check it out first, there’s a huge chance that you might have missed it, and your free trial is just sitting there. And, if you haven’t received any gift, imply other options to get Discord Nitro For Free.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium Discord Promo

Gladly, the tech giant has decided to collaborate with Discord and allow YouTube Premium users to use 3-month Discord for free. However, there are some conditions for this subscription, which are as follows:

i. A user isn’t currently using the YouTube Premium Trial version.

ii. That user hasn’t yet claimed a free Discord Nitro token from YouTube Premium.

iii. This facility is only in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, and the USA.

If you think that you are eligible to claim the Discord Nitro Free token from YouTube Premium, perform the following methods:

1. Visit the YouTube Premium webpage.

2. Locate the Discord Nitro Promotional email and open it.

3. Visit the provided link and click on the Get 3 Months Free button.

4. Login with your Discord account and accept the gift.

Discord Nitro Gift & Giveaway

You might be amazed to know that some other Discord Nitro users can help use the premium services for free. So if you don’t have much in your pocket right now and want to claim Discord Nitro Free, you should ask a friend to help you with it. You or your friend can easily share the Nitro privileges with another.

Though, if you are unable to find a friend who can gift your Nitro, you should look out for servers who provide Nitro Giveaways. Here’s a short list of Discord Servers, from which you can claim Discord Nitro for Free:

1. Sound’s Spooky World
2. Planet Roonie
3. Jet’s Dream World
4. ViBeZ’s Haunted Community
5. Open Advertisements & Nitro Giveaways
6. Self Promotion Central & Nitro Giveaways!
7. Dank’s Dungeon
8. Custom’s Magical World

Epic Games

From the Epic Games Store, you can also get Discord Nitro for Free. Here’s the right way to accomplish this goal:

1. Go to the Discord Nitro store on Epic Games.

2. Once you have logged in, click on the Get button.

3. Complete your free order and wait until your receive an email.

4. After getting an email, visit the provided link to claim free Discord Nitro.

Discord Partner Program

Discord Partner Program

Signing a contract or partner program with Discord can also help you get Discord Nitro for Free. But it isn’t easy to sign a contract with Discord, as their team will look into the details of your community – especially, what it has to represent.

So the very first thing you should be doing is to convert your server into a community. If you haven’t done that yet, navigate to Server Settings and Enable Community. After clicking on the Get Started button, verify your account details and click on the Next button.

Now, add the required information like Discord Server Rules and Guidelines. Navigate forward and accept the platform’s community terms and voila!

Your job is to go to the Server Insights and ensure that all the criteria are met. Afterward, navigate to the Partner Program section and apply for an application. Further, keep following the onscreen instructions to file an application and prey.

FAQs: Discord Nitro For Free

Is There Any Discord Nitro Codes?

Yes, there are plenty of Discord Nitro Codes available. You can use such codes to access Nitro’s services for a limited time frame. However, I would recommend not to use any code generators, as there are no such tools.

Can I Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Yes, you can implement one of the aforementioned workarounds to get Discord Nitro for Free. There are some methods to get Nitro free for three months.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading How to Get Discord Nitro For Free, at it’sDailyTech.

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