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How to Fix Snapchat Support Code C14B?


The” Support law C14B” error communication on Snapchat generally indicates a problem with the account’s verification process.

This error may be caused by various reasons, such as an incorrect verification code, expired verification link, invalid phone number or information, or a temporary server issue.

However, the error can be fixed, but before moving further towards the fixes of this error, be sure to check your internet connection status.

Snapchat Support Code C14B

How Do I Fix Snapchat Support Code C14B?

To fix this issue, you can try the following ways:

Check that the verification code transferred to your dispatch or phone number is entered rightly.

Still, try requesting a new code by clicking on” Resend” on the verification screen, If you didn’t admit a verification code.

Make sure you’re using a valid dispatch or phone number that you have access to and double-check if the information isn’t in your spam brochure.

Try to corroborate the account using a different phone number or dispatch address.

Check your internet connection and try again latterly, occasionally it can be a temporary issue.

Still, contact Snapchat support for further backing, If you continue to have problems. They will be suitable to help you troubleshoot the issue and give a result.

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