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How to Fix Camera Lag on Android Devices [2022]

  • Android’s native camera app functions are no longer kept behind.
  • But seems like the Android OS is unable to handle the burden of such top-notch features.
  • I have drafted this guide to help my readers fix Camera Lag on Android Devices.
Camera Lag on Android Devices

Many users have reported problems with their Android device’s front and back camera.

The issue mainly arises with the social media users like Instagram and Snapchat, whenever they try to launch the camera, it starts lagging.

Or, the camera launches too slowly, even when they have devices with 8 or 12GB RAM.


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For all such scenarios, I have added some troubleshooting working in the following section.

How Do I Fix Camera Lag on Android Devices?

Either it’s a software bug or your camera app’s cache has gone rogue. In both case scenarios, you need to perform the following methods to start using your device’s camera smoothly.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Update Software

It’s always better to keep the firmware updated to the latest version.

This would also help you in resolving all the critical errors faced in the downgraded version.

1. Connect your smartphone to the internet.

2. Launch the Settings app.

3. Navigate to the System >> System Updates.

4. When you are notified about a pending update, allow your system to install it.

Clear Camera App’s Cache

A glitched cache memory can be very problematic, it can cause lots of performance issues.

For your best interest, you should clean the cache memory from time-to-time, to keep the app’s performance smooth.

1. Long-tap on the Camera app and select App Info

2. Go to the Storage and Cache menu.

3. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

Disable Power Saving Mode

The power-saving mode disables some features and that’s how your device’s battery is saved.

Especially, it doesn’t allow the Camera app to run to its full potential, so you should keep it disabled.

1. Swipe down the notification panel.

2. Tap once on the Battery Saver button.

3. Confirm your action and launch the camera app.

Disable Unwanted Camera Features

Some of the camera features are enabled by default, while they are not used by every user.

Most of such features are resource-hungry, so you should keep them disabled, to improve the Android Camera’s performance.

Launch the Camera app and navigate to the in-app settings.

Disable the following features:

1. Smart Content Detection

2. Store location data

3. Tripod Long Exposure

After disabling these features, relaunch the camera app.

Ensure Free Space

In rare cases, the device’s full storage can trouble you a lot.

So it would be best to ensure that GBs of free data storage is still available.

You can delete the unwanted apps or media from your device’s storage.

Once the device’s memory is emptied enough, wipe the cache partition and launch the camera app.

Remove Unwanted Apps

For the time bieng, if you are not currently using any other apps, stop them from running in the background.

Simply launch the currently running apps menu, and remove the ones that are of no use.

Once the unwanted applications are removed, restart your Android device.

FAQs: Camera Lag on Android

Why There’s A Delay on Android Camera?

A delay on the Android camera can be caused due to older firmware or because of the glitched cache memory of the camera app. But you can also perform other customizations like turning off the power saving mode to make the camera app work smoothly.

How To Stop Android Camera From Lagging?

Always ensure that your device’s memory isn’t full and no resource-hungry apps are running in the background. Because some apps tend to juice up your Android OS resources, resulting-in, the native apps start responding laggy.

How To Make Android Camera Load Fast?

You can disable some extra features from the Camera app to make it load and shutter faster. Some services like Store location data and Tripod Long Exposure are just enabled by default, which you can disable at any instance.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Camera Lag on Android Devices, at it’sDailyTech.

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