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How to Find MAC Address in Windows 11 [2022]

  • MAC (Media Access Control) Address is unique for every network.
  • It’s nesscary to identify it, for creating a networking environment.
  • Here, I will discuss How to Find MAC Address in Windows 11.
Find MAC Address in Windows 11

Network administrators are allowed to view MAC addresses on any device. But they require the execution of some methods to reveal the physical address of a network. Because it’s kept hidden from the guest users, and only delivered to the network controllers, to avoid any kind of misuse.

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Even on iPhone, you can reveal your physical address. As on Windows PC, it’s easier to complete such a task. For such modifications, Windows OS is quite friendly, as compared to the mobile OS. So in the following section, I will be discussing some ways to accomplish such a goal.


How Do I Find MAC Address in Windows 11?

Thanks to Microsoft for delivering the most user-friendly OS. There are various methods to Find MAC Address in Windows 11. And, I have talked about five methods in this section.

Total Time: 4 minutes

From Settings

Rather than messing with any admin-level utilities, it’s better to get the required information from Windows Settings. You can easily identify the physical address of your network from Settings, without implying any tricks.

1. Launch Settings and go to the Network & Internet tab.

2. Select WiFi from the right pane.

3. Navigate to Hardware Properties.

4. The Physical Address (MAC) will be revealed in the right pane.

From System Information

It’s even easier to identify the MAC address from the system information tab. As the name suggests, it’s meant to provide services to users, who wish to only gather real information about their system.

1. Use the search bar to open System Information.

2. Expand Components and Network tabs.

3. Double-click on Adapter.

4. The actual MAC address will be shown on the new tab.

From Network Status

By using the connected network’s status, you can identify the MAC address. You have to choose the connected network and go into its status section, to get this job done.

1. Press the Win + R keys to launch the Run box.

2. Type ncpa.cpl inside the bar and press Enter.

3. Right-click on the connected network and select Status

4. Click on the Details button.

5. Your Physical Address gets displayed on the details tab.

Using Command Prompt

With the help of cmd, you can also reveal your MAC address in Windows 11. This process remains the same for every Windows OS, as it is kept by Microsoft so that consumers of the latest operating system don’t feel stuck in getting the desired information.

1. Launch Command Prompt by using the search bar.

2. Execute the following command in cmd:

getmac /v /fo list

3. Right inside the Physical Address section, your MAC address will be written.

Using PowerShell

To be honest, PowerShell is usually meant for administrators, who want to make certain powerful customizations with the system. Its usage is not recommended to novice users, as it can actually be used to perform some OS modifications permanently.

But you can use it to reveal the MAC address, but only if you know the right command to complete such a task.

1. Launch the Windows PowerShell utility using the search bar.

2. Run the following command in PowerShell:


3. All of the network details including MAC address, will get displayed within PowerShell.

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