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How to Enter Hyenas Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy

  • Entering Hyenas Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy is a part of a quest.
  • Players are required to complete the designated tasks, by going around different places.
  • They have to meet the Hyena guard and make the right choice to proceed.
Hyenas Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy

When it comes to completing quests in ToF, it becomes pretty frustrating for a player. Because for most of the in-game quests, no clues are provided to the player. Everyone is all by himself, either he can communicate with experienced players or pick up the puzzle’s missing pieces all by himself.

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In that case, he has to move around and find the right guard and communicators like Felton to complete their tasks. The quest becomes easier when a player is aware of the surroundings of the communicator. That’s why I have decided to guide my readers by helping them in finding Hyenas base.


How Do I Enter Hyenas Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy?

The Hyenas Navia Base is located northeast of Navia. A player is required to get to the right place and use his jet board to get to the Navia Base. Because there’s no direct pathway to get to this destination. And a player can never swim too much, so he has to use the right equipment to get to the preferred destination.

Hyenas Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy

Enter Hyenas Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy

1. Go to the northwest of Navia Base, until you reach the seaside.

2. Open the Relics.

3. Choose to Deploy.

4. Select your Jetboard relic.

5. Use the Jetboard to get to the Hyenas Navia Base.

Note: If you are getting the “Unable to search target in free exploration mission” error, you need to go back to the Hyena oil rig in Banges and talk to the computer to get the mission.

You will be given four options by the Hyenas guard, you need to select the “This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival” or The Heirs of Aida of course” options to get an invitation to the carnival.

Wait until you get the “You don’t look like someone we would invite, but I guess you’re one of our friends. Go ahead! Enjoy the Hyenas Carnival!”, before proceeding with your mission.

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