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How to Enable Twitter Dark Mode [Android, iPhone, & PC]

  • Twitter is a free microblogging and social networking service.
  • Users share their posts in the shape of tweets on this social media platform.
  • I will discuss the methods to Enable Twitter Dark Mode.
Enable Twitter Dark Mode

Twitter provides real freedom of speech on social media, as it never judges you for what you are tweeting. You can say express your feelings and thoughts to others, without having to worry about any policies. Even politicians prefer to use this platform, as it allows them to share their thought with global users.

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Besides the freedom of speech, Twitter also provides the opportunity for making appearances. One can change the interface of the social app and website, according to his needs. He can do it directly from the app’s or website’s interface, and there’s no need of using any third-party apps or add-ons to complete this guide.


How Do I Enable Twitter Dark Mode?

Two of the appearance options are made available for Twitter users, who just don’t want to hurt their eyesight. The Lights Out and DIM are two different kinds of themes, which can help a user protect his eyesight, if he’s using Twitter excessively. And, both options can be enabled on Twitter’s mobile app and website.

Total Time: 1 minute

Enable Twitter Dark Mode on Mobile [Android & iPhone]

1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android device.

Enable Twitter Dark Mode on Mobile
2. From the main interface of the app, tap on your Profile icon.

3. Select the Settings and privacy tab.

4. Navigate to the Accessibility, display, and languages section.

5. Choose the Display and sound tab.

6. Swipe down and tap on Dark Mode.

Enable Twitter Dark Mode on Android
7. If you are using an Android device, select the On option and Lights Out option for the black theme.

Enable Twitter Dark Mode on iPhone
8. On iPhone, enable the Dark Mode toggle and choose the Lights Out or DIM option.

Enable Dark Mode on Twitter Computer

1. Visit the Twitter website or launch its desktop app on your PC.

2. From the left pane, click on the More button.

3. Choose the Settings and privacy section.

4. Select the Accessibility, display and languages tab and navigate to Display.

Enable Dark Mode on Twitter Computer
5. From the Background section, select the Lights Out or DIM theme.

Enable Twitter Dark Mode: Video Tutorial

FAQs: Twitter Dark Mode

Why is the dark mode not working on Twitter?

If you are unable to trigger the dark mode on Twitter, it’s mainly a lag that can be fixed. To fix the issue, perform the following methods one-by-one:

1. Restart your device.

2. Clear cache and cookies data.

3. Update the Twitter app.

How to change the Twitter theme?

The Twitter themes option is available within the Display section of the app’s settings. Both mobile and PC users are allowed to change Twitter theme, as per their requirements.

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