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How to Enable Hard Mode in Wordle? [2022]

  • Wordle is created by Josh Wardle, a partner of Palek Shah whose fond of word puzzle games like Spelling Bee.
  • This web-based game is free to play and doesn’t contain any advertisements.
  • From here, users can understand How to Enable Hard Mode in Wordle.

Enable Hard Mode in Wordle

Wordle created hype in a matter of days and its trend is grooming on social media. More-n-more people are gathering towards this once-a-day puzzle game because there’s no harm in playing a little puzzle game to kill free time.

Some players think of Wordle puzzles, just made for kids, so they are willing to increase the difficulty level, to enhance their gaming experience. Well, the good news for such players, is that they are provided with the option to enable hard mode. If you are one of such Wordle pros, consult with the following section.


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How Do I Enable Hard Mode in Wordle?

Players can enable hard mode directly from Wordle’s main interface. They are not required to perform any lengthy procedures to complete such a task. Let’s see how it’s done:

  • Launch a web browser and visit the Wordle portal on it.Wordle Portal
  • From the main instance of Wordle, click on the Settings (gear) icon.Wordle Settings
  • Now, enable the Hard Mode toggle and click on the X button to get back to the game with increased difficulty.Enable Hard Mode in Wordle

Difference Between Hard Mode vs Normal Mode

There’s no denying that Normal mode is quite different from the hard one. But it isn’t enabled by default, because the developers want this game to stay user-friendly. However, users who have enabled Hard mode in Wordle can enhance the game’s difficulty, if they think of these friendly puzzles as child’s play.

But once they have enabled the hard mode, they can complete words depending upon the first guessed word. For instance, if you have completed a five-letter word with green and yellow colors, you are required to use the yellow-lettered words in the next word.

And, if you keep getting the same letters in yellow boxes, you will have to keep using them, until your daily puzzle is completed. In simple words, players are required to use the revealed hints in the subsequent guesses to be successful in Wordle’s hard mode.

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Do I Get a Badge by Playing Hard Mode?

Obviously, you are getting a badge after completing your daily Wordle in hard mode. But such a badge is only displayed when you are sharing Wordle results on Facebook or Twitter. So you can let others acknowledge the fact that you are now a pro in completing Wordle puzzles.

Though, the difference between a normal and hard Wordle score is that the hard ones get a “*” icon in front of their game’s status. Normal players are not gifted with such a facility and get to share the same results as anybody else. Here’s a format that will help you understand:

  • Normal Mode; Wordle 216 3/6
  • Hard Mode; Wordle 216 3/6*

How to be Better in Wordle’s Hard Mode?

There are lots of tricks that players can imply to be better in Wordle’s hard mode. But there are no Wordle Cheats, you can only be successful if you are qualified enough to complete your daily puzzle.

One way to be a pro in Wordle is to keep reading books. There are lots of apps that offer services for users to read ebooks online and offline. Because players with enhanced vocabulary can be very successful in guessing words in Wordle.

Another way is to use the first 3-4 words, to help you in guessing further words. You can think of such words peacefully because you have a whole day to complete your Wordles, they only reset after 24 hours.

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