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How to Enable Dark Mode on Messenger Lite [2022]

  • Facebook Messenger Lite is only available for Android OS.
  • It doesn’t have a dedicated dark theme.
  • The quickest way to Enable Dark Mode on Messenger Lite is given below:

Launch OS Settings → About Phone → Build number tap seven times to enable developer options → go back to Settings → select Developer Options → enable Force Dark mode.

Dark Mode on Messenger Lite

How Do I Enable Dark Mode on Messenger Lite?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official way to enable dark mode on Messenger Lite. But users can force the dark theme on their Android devices, to keep using Messenger Lite dark mode. They just need to first enable the developer options and then force enable the dark mode.


Total Time: 1 minute

Turn On Messenger Lite Dark Mode

1. Unlock your Android device and launch the OS Settings.

2. Swipe down and navigate to the About Phone section.

3. Now, tap 7 times on the Build Number.

4. After getting the Developer mode has been turned On notification, navigate back to the OS Settings.

5. Go to the Developer Options tab.

6. Enable the Force Dark Mode toggle.

Turn On Messenger Lite Dark Mode
7. All of your device’s interface will turn into the dark theme, now go launch Messenger Lite to enjoy it in the dark mode.

FAQs: Dark Mode on Messenger Lite

Does Messenger Lite Have Chat Heads?

Unfortunately, Chat Heads isn’t a part of Messenger Lite. Because a lot of features are missing from this lite version of the app, to help those who doesn’t have a high-end Android device.

Is There A Dark Mode for Facebook Lite?

No, the dark mode isn’t provided within Facebook Lite. It’s only available within the original app that’s available for Android and iOS. While using the Facebook app, you get to option of enabling dark mode from the app’s settings.

What Is The Different Between Messenger and Messenger Lite?

Messenger Lite only contains the basic facilities which you require to communicate with others. It doesn’t have any additional features like dark mode, because it is meant to work on low-end devices.

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