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How to Download Master Royale on iPhone [2022]


Playing Clash Royale as a beginner isn’t a child’s play. It is better to have a hand to help you at least build an empire. Here, I have shared a workaround about How to Download Master Royale on iPhone.

Download Mater Royale on iPhone

Master Royale Infinity allows one to enjoy unlimited gems and gold in Clash Royale.

It’s easier to get the game on an Android device or on a PC, thanks to Android emulators.


Quick Tutorial

Here are the essentials and steps that you need to collect and follow for downloading Master Royale on your iPhone.

 1. Launch Safari browser.
2. Visit Tutumod’s website on Safari.
3. Locate the Master Royale game through search.
4. Tap on the Install button.
5. Hit the Download Now button. 

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But it’s a little tricky to get the same game on iOS devices, so in the following section, I will describe how to get it on iPhone or iPad.

How Do I Download Master Royale on iPhone?

On iOS devices, you are required to change some settings and then proceed to download Master Royale Infinity. Because an iPhone or iPad responds differently when you try to download game files from unknown sources.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you learn how to benefit from Master Royale on your iPhone:

Total Time: 3 minutes


First, you need to ensure that the following services are enabled/disabled on your iPhone, so you can easily install Master Royale Infinity, without any interruption.

1. Portrait Orientation is turned off.

2. Background App Refresh is turned on. (Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh)

3. Low Power Mode is turned off. (Settings >> Battery)

Downloading Master Royale on iOS

After making certain changes to your device’s settings, you can then proceed to download Master Royale on your iOS device.

1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Visit this website on Safari.

3. Use the search bar available on the website to locate the Master Royale game file.

4. After locating the game, tap on the Install button.

5. Hit the Download Now button.

6. Allow your iOS device to accept the Profile from which you are downloading the game.

7. Close the tab and go to the Settings app.

8. Navigate to the Profile Downloaded section.

9. From the Master Royale Infinity tab, tap on the Install button.

10. Confirm your identity by adding your password and taping on the Next button.

11. Now, to confirm game installation tap on the Install link.

12. Go to the Home Screen of your iOS device and launch Master Royale from it.

Alternative Method

For some users, Getting Master Royale on App Store is the best option.

Such users need to perform the following procedure to get the Master Royale Infinity on their iOS devices:

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Tap on your Profile name.

3. Tap on Media & Purchases.

4. Go to View Account and verify your identity.

5. Navigate Country / Region.

6. Hit Change Country or Region.

7. Choose FINLAND and save the settings.

8. Now, launch the App Store to download the game from it.

FAQs: Master Royale Infinity on iOS

Why Can’t I Change My Region on App Store?

The main reason why you are unable to change your current location is if you have store credit left on your account. So before changing your current location, ensure that the store credit is spent. Else, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Is Master Royale Safe?

My personal opinion is that one should never try downloading apps from unknown sources. Because there’s no surety how they will respond to your device’s security. So only download the games from trusted sources like App Store.

How Can I Play Master Royale Infinity on PC?

You can always consult with an Android emulator to play Master Royale Infinity on your computer. Programs like BlueStacks, Memu, or LDPlayer, provide good services to users, willing to install and run mobile apps on PC.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading How to Download Master Royale on iPhone, at it’sDailyTech.

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