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How to Display FPS Counter in Minecraft? [2022]

  • Minecraft is a sandbox video game published by Mojang Studios.
  • The game comes in different editions and is available for all the major platforms.
  • Here, I will discuss How to Display FPS Counter in Minecraft.
Display FPS Counter in Minecraft

Players can enable the FPS counter on every edition even if there are many Minecraft versions like Java, Bedrock, PE, and Education. However, enabling the FPS counter on every edition may vary, as their functional keys are different. That’s why many users prefer to lookout for methods to show FPS without using the F3 key.

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Well, it’s not nesscary that you turn on the FPS directly from the Minecraft Launcher or gameplay, as it can be triggered by implying some workarounds. Like in Windows OS, you can use the Xbox Game Bar, Smartphone users can benefit from Game Booster, and in Education Edition, benefit from the GPU software, to accomplish such a goal.


How Do I Display FPS Counter in Minecraft?

Only in Education and PE editions, the process of showing FPS is different. As in other versions like Java, Classic, and Bedrock, users can implement the same procedure, depending upon the operating system, they are currently using to play Minecraft.

In this section, you can acknowledge several ways of showing fps in Minecraft.

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Show FPS in Minecraft for Mac

The good news for Mac users, they don’t need to leave their gameplay to turn on the FPS counter. They can simply display FPS in Minecraft, by pressing the Fn + F3 keys from their keyboard simultaneously.

Right after they have enabled this feature, a bunch of details will start appearing at the top-left corner of their gameplay. The presented values also contain the actual FPS in Minecraft.

Show FPS in Minecraft for Windows

On Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and 11, players can benefit from the Xbox Game Bar. Because Xbox Game Studios also has a share in Minecraft, its built-in Windows OS facility can be used to trigger the FPS counter.

1. Launch Windows Settings.

2. Go to the Gaming section.

3. Enable the Xbox Game Bar.

4. Restart your computer.

5. Launch Minecraft Launcher.

6. Press the Win + G keys to launch the game bar.

7. The FPS is shown inside the Performance tab.

Show FPS in Minecraft PE

The Minecraft Pocket Edition is developed for smartphone users, to have a smooth experience while building and exploring a sandbox world. Even if its FPS is low at 60, it works amazingly for mobile users.

However, there isn’t any official way to see fps in Minecraft PE. Players need to consult with apps like Game Booster, which are available on the Play Store, to show FPS in Minecraft PE.

Show FPS in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft’s education edition has some missing features, so in order to view in-game details, users have to consult with a third-party program to view fps. Though, they can consult with their GPU software like Nvidia GeForce, AMD, or MSI burner to get this job done.

As if they own a GPU device from an unknown manufacturer, they can use RivaTuner as an alternative. This GPU software works for all graphics cards and is capable of providing in-game performance details.

Note: Minecraft Bedrock users can implement the same procedure to show FPS.

Display FPS in Minecraft Tlauncher

Besides the official launcher, Minecraft Tlauncher offers impressive services. It helps you in launching different editing of Minecraft and shifting between them, whenever you please. And, it also supports OptiFine, which is used to add various functionalities to the Minecraft gameplay.

1. Download OptiFine from the web.

2. Complete the installation process.

3. Open the Tlauncher and select a Minecraft OptiFine version.

4. On Minecraft, go to Options.

5. Navigate to Video Settings >> Other

6. Change the status to Show FPS: On.

FAQs: FPS in Minecraft

Why is Minecraft FPS Low?

One of the major reasons for Minecraft FPS bieng low is the poor internet connection. Other reasons include resource blockade by Firewall and background apps, that keep troubling the gameplay.

How Can I Increase Minecraft FPS?

The very first thing you should do is ensure that your internet connection has 25Mbps or high downloading speed. Afterward, ensure that the Minecraft launcher isn’t blocked by OS Firewall, and remember to disable Overlay apps.

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