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How to Disable Location on BeReal [2022]

  • BeReal is a French-based social media app available for Android and iOS devices.
  • It’s now trending in the USA, from where users share their photos on a daily basis.
  • I will be sharing details on How to Disable Location on BeReal.

Not everyone is comfortable with sharing their current location on BeReal. As most of us prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to sharing the exact location.

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By default, the location services are enabled for social media apps. However, they are customizable, if you aren’t aware of the procedures to disable them, assist with the following sections.


How Do I Disable Location on BeReal?

The procedure of turning off location on BeReal is slightly different on Android and iOS devices. So I’ll be demonstrating two different procedures to help my readers disable location services while publishing their BeReal.

Total Time: 1 minute

Turn Off BeReal Location on Android

1. From the main interface of BeReal, tap on Post A BEREAL.

Disable BeReal Location
2. Tap on the Sutter icon to click your current snap.

3. After capturing a snap, tap on the Send button.

4. From the Send Options page, deselect the Share my position option.

5. Now, hit the Send button to share your BeReal without location.

Disable BeReal Location on Android

Turn Off BeReal Location on iOS

1. From the main interface of BeReal, tap on Take you BeReal.

Disable BeReal Location
2. Let your iPhone click snaps from the front and back camera.

3. Before hitting the Send option, tap on your selected location.

4. Choose the Off option.

5. Now, tap on the Send button.

Disable BeReal Location on iOS

How to Disable BeReal Location Permanently?

In case you are not in the mood of sharing your location point while publishing any BeReal, you get the option of disabling the location services permanently.

This process is totally different for Android and iOS platforms, so I would like to discuss them individually.

Turn Off Location on Android

  • Long-tap on the icon of BeReal and select App Info
Disable BeReal Location Permanently
  • Navigate to the Permissions tab.
  • Tap on the Location section.
  • Select the Don’t Allow bullet.
Disable BeReal Location Permanently on Android

Turn Off Location on iOS

  • Launch iOS Settings.
Disable BeReal Location Permanently
  • Go to the BeReal tab.
  • Select the Location section.
  • Choose the Never option.
Disable BeReal Location Permanently on iOS

FAQs: BeReal Location

How to turn on the location on BeReal?

Before publishing a BeReal, choose the Share my position option is selected. Because it’s the only of telling the app that are willing to share your location with your followers.

How to completely turn off location on Android and iOS?

Either you can enable the Airplane mode, to completely turn off your location. Or, disable the GPS services, if you want to keep using apps like BeReal, without having to share your location.

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