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How to Delete Linked Instagram Account? [2022]

  • Instagram is media sharing social media platform that’s now owned by Facebook.
  • It allows you to log into multiple accounts with a single login.
  • I will discuss the methods to Delete Linked Instagram Account.
Delete Linked Instagram Account

Multiple Instagram accounts can be handled on a singular device. The developer team is allowing users to save login info of the linked accounts and sign into all of them by performing a single login. And, whenever a user wants to use the secondary IG account, he gets to switch to it, without having to leave the app’s interface.

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One option for unblinking an IG account from the main account is signing out of it. With that, your secondary account will no longer be linked to the standard account. Still, it will not be deleted, but all of your data will remain sitting in the IG servers, which you can retrieve at any instance.


Save Data Before Deleting Your Linked Instagram Account

If you have finally decided to remove your secondary account from IG servers, you should at least download its data, as a backup. Because once it’s deleted, you wouldn’t be able to retrieve it. So it’s best to first check out the method to download the IG account data from the servers.

  • Launch the Instagram website and tap on the Profile icon.
Download Instagram Account Data
  • Select Settings.
  • Navigate to the Privacy and Security tab
  • Scroll down and click on Request Download from the right pane.
  • Enter the registered email address and tap on Next.
  • Type your account password and hit Request Download.

Once your request has been received, you will get an email from IG, representing the download link of your account data. You can download the data and decompress the received folder to retrieve items from it.

How Do I Delete Linked Instagram Account?

The process of deleting an Instagram account can’t be done from its app’s interface. A user is required to launch the Delete Your Account webpage on a web browser. In that case, you simply have to perform three easy steps to get rid of his linked Instagram account, which I’ve written in this section.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Visit Delete Your Account Page

The very first you should be doing is visiting Instagram Delete Your Account webpage on a browser. For that, you can either your mobile or computer.

As for better illustration, I will be using a computer’s web browser, to help you locate the delete your account webpage.

After visiting the page, you will be directed to three of the following options:

Delete Your Instagram Account Page
1. Temporarily Deactivate your account.

2. Delete your account.

3. Access your data on Instagram.

Now, if you want to delete your linked IG account permanently, you should select the second drop-down menu (Delete your account).

Hit Delete Your Account

After choosing the Delete Your Account option, you will be asked to select a device, on which you are currently using that IG account.

Once you have selected the device, you will be directed to the instructions required to remove your account from IG servers.

In that case, click on the Delete your account link and wait until you are led to the next tab, which will ask you to complete the login procedure.

Complete Formalities

Now, your job is to complete all the formalities to let Instagram know that you are serious about deleting your account permanently.

For that, you just have to choose the reason from the drop-down menu. If you are deleting a second account, select the “Created a second account” option.

Delete IG Account
As for confirmation, simply enter the password to let IG know that you are the owner of the account, which you have decided to remove.

Afterward, click on the Delete account button to proceed. As per IG terms & conditions, your account deletion request will be forwarded to the developer’s team.

Delete Second Instagram Account: Video Tutorial

FAQs: Linked IG Account

How long it takes to remove my IG account data from servers?

It would take 30-days to make your deleted account invisible on Instagram. As for your account data, Instagram will remove it permanently, after the 90-days period.

Can I delete my child’s IG account?

Yes, if you know your child’s IG account details, you can permanently delete it. Else, there’s no option left, because IG will ask you to provide login details, before requesting account deletion.

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