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How to Delete Course Hero Documents [2022]

  • Course Hero is an educational platform that provides assistance to students.
  • It’s developed to help people keep learning about different subjects and continue with homeschooling.
  • Here, I will discuss How to Delete Course Hero Documents.
Delete Course Hero Documents

In a class of 20-30, it’s hard for a teacher to give proper attention to every single student. That’s why Course Hero is provided in the market, to help students clear their concepts about different theories, according to the subjects they have selected in the school/college.

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In every institute, there’s zero tolerance for copyrighted content. So when you upload a file on Course Hero, it becomes public and privacy isn’t much cared for.


That’s the main reason why many users want to keep their documents to themselves and remove them, once their purpose is fulfilled.

Delete Course Hero Documents

You need to visit the Course Hero take-down page on your web browser and sign in. Now, file the requests for document removal and wait to get a reply from the support team.

How Do I Delete Course Hero Documents?

There’s no unofficial way of removing documents from Course Hero. One can only do it the official way because now, he has to consult with the support team.

To file a request, he has to ensure his identity, by providing some personal information like Email, Name, and country.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Removing Course Hero Documents

Removing Course Hero Documents
1. Visit the Course Hero’s take-down page on your web browser.

2. Add your personal information in the first section.

3. Paste the URL of the document, which you want to be removed.

4. If you want to add requests for more than one document, click on the Add Another button and paste the URLs of that document too.

5. You can add additional details if you please.

6. Check the I have a good faith belief that this content violates my privacy and I represent that the information in this notification is true and correct boxes.

7. Enter your full name and click on the Submit button.

Now, your request will be filed and the support team will contact you within 48 hours. But in case they don’t reply to you, file a complaint at [email protected] and [email protected].

Reasons for Document Removal

When the Course Hero support team contacts you, they ask you to provide a reason, why you have requested the removal of a document. So you should then provide a good so that your request is closed, and the file is removed from the Course Hero’s servers.

Here are some good reasons that you can provide for the deletion of a document:

  1. The uploaded documents violate the copyright-terms and policy.
  2. Document privacy is bieng invaded, and the author’s name is included within the published file.
  3. Some confidential matters are discussed within the document.
  4. The document is not according to the subject.

After providing one of the aforementioned additional information, your request would be approved and the requested document will be removed from Course Hero.

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