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How to Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone? [2022]

  • Xbox Controllers are made available for an accessible and comfortable gaming experience.
  • But by default, they are manufactured to connect with Xbox Game Consoles.
  • I will discuss the method to Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone.
Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone

Gamers are always into finding convenience to enhance their gaming experience. One of the most commonly hear complaints from mobile gamers is that their fingertips start feeling numb, after a long period of gameplay. But you can’t ignore the gaming experience on an iPhone, just because your hands are getting tired.

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With an iPhone, you can play any mobile game, without having to face any lags. As this smartphone is capable of running high-end games smoothly. That’s the main reason why many players prefer to choose an iOS device to play battle royale, and FPS games on it, because they know it’s the best mobile gaming device.


I’m here to provide a solution for individuals who have an Xbox game console but prefer to play their favorite games on an iPhone. Because now, it’s possible for such players to connect their Xbox Controller with an iPhone. All they have to do is to pair both devices using BlueTooth and voila!

How Do I Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone?

To connect your Xbox controller with an iPhone, you have to be sure that it supports BlueTooth. Because it’s the only way to pair these devices with one another. And once they are paired, only then, you can proceed to play your favorite iOS games with the help of an Xbox controller.

Total Time: 1 minute

Supported Xbox Controllers

Only the Xbox controllers with BlueTooth can be connected to an iPhone. So before proceeding, you should be sure that your controller supports Bluetooth, so it can be paired successfully.

1. Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)
2. Xbox Adaptive Controller
3. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
4. Xbox Wireless Controller Series S and series X

Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone

With the help of a compatible Xbox controller, you can control your gaming activities. All you are required to do is to perform the following step-by-step guide to first pair it with your iPhone and then use it for convenience in your games.

1. Power on your Xbox controller and press the Connect button.

2. Wait until the Xbox controller is paired. A white light will blink, indicating the connection successfully.

3. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to the BlueTooth section.

4. From the Other Devices section, select your Xbox controller.

Connect Xbox Controller to iPhone
5. Now, start playing your desired high-end games on your iPhone with the help of your Xbox controller.

Xbox Controller Not Connecting to iPhone?

On some occasions, the iPhone is unable to connect with an Xbox controller. In such situations, you should perform the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Before pairing devices, ensure that your iOS device isn’t connected to another BlueTooth device.
  • Make sure that your Xbox controller is updated to the latest version.
  • Perform a soft restart of your iOS device.
  • Forget the BlueTooth device’s connection and pair them again.

FAQs: Pair Xbox Controller to iPhone

How to Set Xbox Controller in Pairing Mode?

Long-press the connect button on your Xbox controller to get it into the Pairing mode. Wait until you get a white blinking light on the controller. As it represents the status of the controller, whether it’s connected or not. If you are not getting the blinking light, it usually means that it’s still connected to a different device.

Why Can’t I Connect My Xbox Controller to iPhone?

One of the main reasons why users can’t connect their Xbox controller with an iPhone is because the controllers are still connected to their Xbox game console. So in that case, they should long-press the connect button to it into the pairing mode.

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