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How to Check Twitch Chat Logs [2022]

  • Twitch is an American-based video live streaming service.
  • It focuses on delivering services to gamers who like to broadcast their videos.
  • I will discuss methods to Check Twitch Chat Logs.
Check Twitch Chat Logs

Communication between streamers and viewers is stored in the shape of chat logs on Twitch. But only the streamers or moderators can make them useful, to check the posted comments. And if a user has posted an inappropriate comment or somehow has violated the stream’s policy, they can kick that person out.

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Twitch chat logs are just a source of making streams more appropriate for viewers. By using logs, moderators or streamers can also know about the real demand from their audience, like what kind of stream they are accepting. So streamers can benefit a lot from the chat logs, but only if they know how to access them.


How Do I Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Several workarounds can be implied to Check Twitch Chat Logs. No matter if you are a streamer or a moderator, you can benefit from the chat logs, as you please. Because there are also some third-party bots that can be used to claim such a facility, which I’ve mentioned in this section.

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User Search Command

One of the easiest ways to access Twitch chat logs is by using the username command. With the help of this search command, streamers or moderators can get full access to that specific user’s chat log.

1. While using your channel, enter the “/User” command in the chat box.

2. Type the username after this command and press Enter.

3. For instance, you will have to type “/user username” and hit enter to access the logs.

Note: You will only see the commands from that user if they are not removed by the channel moderators.

Moderator View

In case you are not a streamer, but only a moderator, you can still access the chat logs. All you have to do is to enter the moderator view get such logs and change them, as you please.

1. Click on the Sword icon from the bottom-left corner.

2. Once you have entered the Moderator View, select a user from the comments section.

3. After reviewing the comments, ban or keep that user intact.

Third-Party Chatbots

There are actually some third-party chatbots that can be used to monitor chats on Twitch. One of the frequently used chats is Chatty. Also, this bot’s quite easy to use, once you have downloaded and installed it, it will ask you automatically to add your twitch account.

Once Chatty is connected with your Twitch account, you will be allowed to access the chat logs. And if you want, moderate your channel, as you prefer to do so.

In case you are not happy with Chatty’s services, you also have the option of using Nightbot or Streamlabs.

VOD Playback

Your past streams are stored as VOD on your channel. You can access the past comments from the previously streamed videos and monitor other people’s reactions.

However, it’s quite a lengthy procedure, but full monetization is guaranteed. To access the chat logs, you can watch the VOD (Video-on-demand) and keep reading the live comments from it.

If you want to keep a record of the inappropriate comments, keep taking a screenshot of them, and once you have reviewed all of them, remove them one by one from your channel.

FAQs: Twitch Chat Logs

How to download Twitch chat logs?

Some third-party chatbots like Nightbot allow users to download Twitch chat logs. Most of these chatbots are free to use and give you access to multiple chat monitoring features.

Can I view Twitch chat logs of other channels?

There’s no dedicated method to view Twitch chat logs of other channels. However, you can use Justlog to access them, by entering the channel and user’s name.

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