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How to Check Hotspot Usage on Android [2022]

  • Hotspot is normally a physical location that’s mostly used to connect to the internet.
  • The more users connected to a hotspot means, the more burden on the internet speed and bandwidth.
  • So here, I will share various workarounds to Check Hotspot Usage on Android.
Check Hotspot Usage on Android

There come times when you have to identify the hotspot usage on your smartphone.

Because monitoring the hotspot and data plan is every administrator’s dream work.

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So in the following section, I will help you acknowledge some ways to complete this task.

How Do I Check Hotspot Usage on Android?

Here I present some solutions to Check Hotspot Usage on Android. I will be discussing completing such a task from Settings, data carrier apps, and third-party apps.

Dear readers, you are allowed to choose any method that suits you.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Check WiFi Hotspot Usage

In case you are sharing your WiFi hotspot with others, perform the following steps to check the total usage:
WiFi Hotspot Usage
1. Launch Settings

2. Navigate to Network and Internet

3. Tap on WiFi

4. Go to WiFi Data Usage

5. You can choose a date (if you want) and go to Hotspot and Tethering

6. The total data usage of your WiFi hotspot will be shown to you.

Check MobileData Hotspot Usage

Now I present the straightforward way of checking cellular data hotspot usage on Android.
MobileData Hotspot Usage
1. From the Network and Internet tab, go to Mobile Data

2. Choose App Data Usage

3. Select a date from the drop-down menu.

4. Tap on Hotspot and Tethering

5. In front of Total, the right amount of hotspot data will be delivered.

T-Mobile App

If you are using a T-Mobile, you first need to get its app, depending upon your iOS or Android device. After getting the app, perform the following steps:
T-Mobile App
1. Launch the T-Mobile App and go to the Home section.

2. Tap on the Get Details option listed under Usage.

3. Now, see the hotspot data usage.


myAT&T users also have the option of accessing the hotspot usage from their mobile app. (iOS/Android)
myAT&T App
1. Open the myAT&T app and tap on Usage

2. Select the number of which you want to check the hotspot usage.

3. Hit Includes mobile hotspot data.

4. Tap on View more usage details to get full details about the mobile hotspot.

Sprint App

Users with a Sprint connection can use the official app to acknowledge the usage of a mobile hotspot. (iOS/Android)
Sprint App
1. Launch the Sprint app.

2. Navigate to the Usage section.

3. Tap on Hotspot.


You may be disappointed to hear that the Verizon app doesn’t provide any mobile hotspot data usage details.
Verizon Website
So if you are currently using Verizon mobile, you will have to visit its official website.

While navigating on the website, tap on the Usage Details link.

NeoData App

Data Usage Hotspot – NeoData is a free app that you can use to get from the Google Play Store.

It can be used on all Android devices like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, etc.

You can perform the following steps to use it on your Android device:
NeoData App
1. Launch NeoData and navigate to the Data Usage section.

2. Select Tethering and Portable Hotspot.

FAQS: Check HotSpot Usage

How to Set Data Warning and Limit on Android?

Users can navigate to Settings >> Network and Internet >> Mobile Data >> Data Warning and Limit. Now, enable the Set Data Warning and Set Data Limit toggles individually.
Set Data Warning and Limit on Android

Can I Use Data Saver Mode on Android?

Yes, you are allowed to enable data saver mode by navigating to Settings >> Network and Internet. Once you have enabled the Data Saver Mode toggle, go to the Unrestricted Data section to choose the apps that you want to allow or disallow.
Data Saver Mode on Android

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to Check Hotspot Usage on Android, at it’sDailyTech.

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