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How to Check Android Battery Health [2022]

  • It’s always better to keep a check on your smartphone’s battery.
  • There are multiple ways to accomplish such a goal.
  • I will describe methods to Check Android Battery Health.
Check Android Battery Health

A device with poor battery health is never preferred by any client. Every smartphone user wants his device’s battery to be long-last, even while he’s streaming media and playing high-end games on it. But the fact is that, as time goes on, many smartphones start delivering poor battery performance.

Usually, it’s a manufacturing fault, that can’t be resolved. But in times when you have the OS responsible for it, you get to perform customizations to fix it. However, my point is that every user should be aware of the current battery health of his mobile device. That’s the only he can manage to utilize the battery, according to his requirements.

How Do I Check Android Battery Health?

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On some mobile devices like Samsung phones, you can directly check the battery health from the Settings app. Even if you are using some other brand like Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc, you can still perform some workarounds, to complete this task. I have added four different methods to help you Check Android Battery Health.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Check Android Battery Health on Samsung Devices

Only Samsung consumers have the option of revealing battery health from the Members app. They need to sign in with a Samsung account, so they can avail the services of the built-in apps.

1. Launch the Samsung Memebers app.

2. Navigate to the Get Help section.

3. Select the Interactive Checks tab.

4. Tap on the Battery icon to reveal its details.

Check Android Battery Health via Dial Code

One of the easiest ways to check battery healthy is by using the dialing code. But here’s the catch, it does work on limited Android models and doesn’t work on Samsung devices. It’s good enough for Pixel, OnePlus, and Xiaomi devices.

1. Launch the Dialer app.

2. Type the *#*#4636#*#* code.

3. Tap on the Dial button.

4. From the appearing menu, select the Battery Information option.

Check Android Battery Health via Settings

Most mobile devices come with a Battery section in the Settings. Even on Samsung devices, if you are not feeling like creating an account, you can consult with the Settings app. This would allow you to get a detailed report on how your Android device’s battery is doing currently and what you can do to keep it healthy.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Navigate to the Battery section. (use the search bar, if you are unable to find the Battery tab)

3. Select the Battery Usage option.

4. A detailed report regarding your battery health will be delivered, you can make changes as you please.

Check Android Battery Health via App

If none of the aforementioned methods helped you in checking Android battery health, you should go for a third-party app. Most battery checker apps are free to use, but if you want my recommendation, I would say you should get the AccuBattery app.

This app is free to use and gives you detailed information about your smartphone’s battery. It works on all Android devices with v5.0 or above. And, has a good rating on Google Play Store, so you will safe while using its services.

1. Download the AccuBattery from Play Store.

2. After launching the app, go to the Health section.

3. Under Battery Health, you can the exact percentage of your Android device’s battery health.

FAQ: Android Battery Health

How much battery health is considered good?

Even if you buy a new smartphone, you will get battery health of something about 95 percent. However, anything about 80% is considered all well. But if it’s below 80%, you might need to change your device’s battery, for better performance.

Does frequent charging damage Android battery?

Yes, frequent charging of any Android device can be harmful to the battery. It’s recommended that you only charge your device when the battery percentage is below 30 percent. This would help you in keeping your device’s battery alive-n-kicking.

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