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How to Change Your Time Zone in BeReal? [2022]

  • BeReal is a social media app that allows one to share real-time photos.
  • A user is only allowed to share one picture a day on this platform.
  • I will discuss a method to Change Your Time Zone in BeReal.

Bereal has become famous in the market, after two years of its publishment. Its developers are french, but the app is mostly used by American users.

People just have started to like the idea of bieng real on social media, as many influencers from Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok, talk about things that they have never experienced.

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So now this french-based social media is focusing on providing authenticity, to help individuals share their happy moments in real-time.

But what about the users who are traveling and have to take care of the selected time zone, are they allowed to customize their time zone settings?

Well, obviously, this application allows every user to choose a time zone depending upon their current location.

How Can You Change Your Time Zone in BeReal?

The procedure of changing the time zone on BeReal is similar on Android and iOS devices. So I’ll not waste your time, and only introduce you to the step-by-step guide to customizing account settings for changing time zone.

Total Time: 1 minute

Changing BeReal Time Zone

1. From the main interface of the BeReal app, tap on your Profile icon.

Change Your Time Zone in BeReal
2. Tap on the three-dotted icon from the top right corner, to launch the profile menu.

3. Navigate to the Time Zone section.

4. Swipe down the list and choose a Time Zone of your choice.

5. Confirm your activity by taping on the Change to selected time zone button.

Change Your Time Zone in BeReal

FAQs: BeReal Time Zone

What time zones are available on BeReal?

Four options of time zones are available on BeReal, including Europe, Americas, West Asia, and East Asia. The app lets a user select whatever time zone he wants to.

Can my BeReal be deleted after changing my time zone?

Yes, in some cases, your BeReal can be deleted. For instance, if you have posted a BeReal in Asian time zone and then you are changing your time zone to Americas, your post might get deleted.

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