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How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter [2022]

  • Twitter is an American communication platform based in San Francisco, California.
  • It allows one to get the latest news by following famous personalities.
  • I will discuss the methods to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter.
Change Privacy Settings on Twitter

Just like any other social platform, Twitter also gives the freedom of choosing a public or private profile. Such a facility is basically added by the team to assist users, who are conscious of their online privacy. However, to customize the profile settings, users are not required to become premium user, as every user have the option of changing privacy settings.

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By triggering privacy on a Twitter account, users can only make their profile visible to their followers. So that whenever they publish a post, only their followers can view it. Though, there are some other facilities that can be enabled to make a Twitter profile more secure and private.


Though, I wouldn’t recommend making your Twitter profile private, especially, when you are trying to gain more audience for your content. Because then, only your followers will be allowed to see what you are posting – and other users may not even know that your profile exists. So if you are ok with making your Twitter profile private, consult to the following section.

How Do I Change Privacy Settings on Twitter?

I have discussed the procedure of customizing Twitter privacy settings on mobile and PC. So that every device user can benefit from the methods, which I have written in this section. And to be specific, users of Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux OS can implement the drafted methods.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Change Twitter Privacy Settings on Mobile [Android & iOS]

1. Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone.

2. Tap on your Profile icon.

3. Navigate to Settings and Privacy.

Change Twitter Privacy Settings on Mobile
4. Head to the Privacy and Safety section.

5. Tap on the Audience and Tagging tab.

6. Enable the Protect your Tweets toggle.

7. Turn on the Photo Tagging toggle.

8. Check the Only people you follow can tag you checkbox.

Now, only your followers can view your Twitter posts and tag you on posts.

Change Twitter Privacy Settings on PC [Windows, Mac, Linux]

1. Launch the Twitter website on your web browser.

Change Twitter Privacy Settings on PC
2. From the left pane, click on the More option.

3. Select Settings and Privacy.

4. Navigate to Privacy and safety from the left pane and select Audience and tagging from the right pane.

5. Select the Protect your Tweets box and confirm your activity.

6. Enable the Photo tagging toggle and select Only people you follow can tag you.

Stop People from Sending Direct Messages

1. Launch the Twitter app and navigate to your Profile settings.

2. Head to Privacy and Safety >> Direct Messages.

Stop People from Sending Direct Messages on Twitter
3. Uncheck the Allow message requests from everyone checkbox.

Only your followers would be allowed to send you direct messages.

FAQs: Private Twitter Profile

How to change privacy settings on Twitter to see sensitive content?

By navigating your Twitter profile settings, you can turn off the safe search option. To do so, click on the More button and go to Settings and privacy >> Privacy and security >> Content you see. Now, select the Display media that may contain sensitive content option.

How to prevent my Twitter profile from public?

You can customize your Twitter profile, to make it private and only available for your followers. You just have to enable the “Protect your Tweets” and “Photo Tagging” facilities, to hide the content from the public. For further privacy, you can also disable Direct Messages from unknown persons.

How to gain more followers on Twitter?

There are lots of ways to get Twitter followers fast and free. You can use the power of #hashtags to make your content more public like posting visual content, running contests, avoiding spam, getting your Tweets embedded on famous websites, etc.

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