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How to Change IMEI Number On iPhone [2022]


The following post helps you acknowledge how to Change IMEI Number On your iPhone.

You can imply two different procedures to accomplish this goal.

One method is to customize it with the help of your PC.


Else, through the fake iPhone IMEI through ZiPhone GUI.

I’ve discussed both ways in this post.

Change IMEI Number On iPhone

Users who are privacy conscious and don’t like to stay under the radar can perform the drafted solutions to get this job done.

How Do I Change IMEI Number On iPhone?

Now’s the time to help you get familiar with the proper set of instructions required to change or fake your iPhone’s IMEI number.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Enter Recovery Mode

An easy way to change the IMEI number of your iPhone is through the recovery mode. Because it doesn’t involve the risks that you have to face by jailbreaking your iPhone.

1. The very first thing you should do is check the current IMEI number of your iPhone. To do so, open the dialer app and dial *#06# from it. Now, the designated IMEI number will be shown on your device’s interface.

2. Turn on your computer and install Ziphone software on it.

3. Once the software is installed, connect your iPhone to PC using a USB cable.

4. Enter the recovery mode on your iPhone by implying the following trick depending on your device:
i. iPhone with home button: Long-press the home and side buttons until the Apple logo appears. Now leave the home button, after seeing the Apple logo.
ii. iPhone with infinity display: Press Volume up and release. Press Volume down and release. Long-press the side button to get into recovery mode.

5. Open the folder where you have installed Ziphone.

6. Right-click on the space available inside the folder and select “Open in Command Prompt

7. Type Ziphone inside the command prompt and press Enter

8. Execute the following command:
ziphone -u -i aIMEI

9. In the above-provided command, change IMEI with your desired number.

10. Once the process is completed, reboot your iPhone.

11. Dial *#06# to check the new IMEI number’s status.

Fake IMEI Number

You can also fake your iPhone IMEI number by using the same Ziphone software. It would allow you to keep the default settings, but also protect your iPhone from getting traced.

1. While bieng in recovery mode on your iPhone, connect it to your computer.

2. Download & install the Ziphone GUI on your PC.

3. After installing the GUI application, launch it.

4. From its main interface, navigate to Advanced Features

Fake IMEI Address on iPhone
5. Select the Fake IMEI bullet and enter your preffered IMEI address in the perspective box.

6. Click on the Perform actions button to confirm your activity.

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