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How to Cancel Course Hero Subscription and Get Money Back [2022]

  • Course Hero is meant to assist students who want to gain good grades in school/college.
  • It comes in two different versions, free and premium.
  • I will discuss a guide to Cancel Course Hero Subscription and Get Money Back.
Cancel Course Hero Subscription

One good news for Course Hero clients is that its subscriptions are recurring, meaning, the subscriptions are based on time periods (monthly, quarterly, or yearly). That’s why it’s possible for a user to get a refund from Course Hero if he’s no longer in need of benefiting from this online educational platform.

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The easiest way possible to cancel a Course Hero subscription is by contacting the support team. Because they can assist you well with this query and tell you precisely what you should be doing if you also want a refund. They will explain the terms of a refund and are you eligible for it or not.


Better Grades Guarantee

The Course Hero platform considers a refund under Better Grades Guarantee. So if you are under this guarantee, your request for a refund will be processed within 1 or 2 days. Here are the conditions of requesting a refund:

  • In case your grades didn’t improve, even after using Course Hero, you can apply for a refund. You may be required to send a picture of your previous and current report, as proof.
  • The subscription should be canceled within 6-months.
  • You should have used some study materials and interacted with tutors, to help you in your study.

How Do I Cancel Course Hero Subscription?

Users are required to cancel the Course Hero subscription from where they have bought it. For instance, if they bought it from the website, they can’t cancel it from their Android or iOS device. So here are methods to cancel subscriptions from the web, Android, and iOS devices.

Total Time: 3 minutes

From Course Hero Web

If you have subscribed to Course Hero from its website, then you can perform a straightforward solution to cancel your subscription. You don’t have to launch the perspective stores or any subscription menu, to complete this task.

1. Launch the Course Hero website on your web browser.

2. Login by using your account credentials.

3. From your Profile icon, expand the menu.

4. Select the Account Settings option.

5. Now, click on the Stop Recurring Membership button.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions, until your subscription is canceled.

From Course Hero Android

To cancel your Course Hero subscription from an Android device, you are required to consult with Google Play Services. Because they allowed you to upgrade your app account and pay for subscriptions safely.

1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Make sure to log in with the same Gmail account, which you used to purchase the Course Hero subscription.

3. Besides the search bar, tap on your Profile icon.

4. Select Payments and Subscriptions.

5. Tap on Subscriptions.

6. Now, select Course Hero and tap on Cancel Subscription.

From Course Hero iOS

iOS users are required to cancel their Course Hero subscription from their iTunes account. And, they can use any iPhone or iPad that has the same account, which was used to purchase or upgrade the subscription.

1. Launch the Settings app and tap on your Profile details.

2. Navigate to Subscriptions.

3. Locate Course Hero from the provided list and Cancel the Subscription for this app.

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