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How to Add Chrome Extensions on Android [2022]

  • Chrome extensions can only work on chromium-based browsers.
  • You can use these add-ons on any chromium-based browser of your choice.
  • I’ll be telling you some ways to Add Chrome Extensions on Android.
Chrome Extensions on Android

The desktop Chrome extensions are preffered by 70% of the internet users.

So every user wants to claim the same services on their Android devices, to get Chrome Extensions on Android.

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In the following section, I will discuss some true tales to help you complete this task.

How Do I Install Chrome Extensions on Android?

It’s not officially possible to use extensions on Chrome for Android. But a user can consult with a third-party browser that is also chromium-based and allows one to install and use Chrome Extensions for Android.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Using Firefox for Android

The first browser on our list is Firefox because it’s one of the best alternatives to Chrome. It’s also chromium-based and comes with its Mozilla Add-ons store that also works on Android OS.
Here’s what you need to do to benefit from Firefox to install extensions:

1. Download Firefox on Android and launch it.

2. Tap on the Menu icon and select Add-ons.

3. Locate your favorite extension and tap on the + icon to add it.

4. If you are unable to locate your preffered extension, visit the Mozilla addon page to locate your favorite one.

Using Yandex for Android

This web browser also works great for individuals who want to install the same Chrome extensions on Android, from the Chrome Store.
Yes, Yandex allows you to install a Chrome extension on Android, without any questions asked.

1. After launching Yandex on your Android device, visit the chrome.google.com/webstore URL on it.

2. Now, use the available search bar to locate your preffered Chrome Add-on.

3. Open the preffered extension page, and tap on the Install button to add it to Yandex.

Using Kiwi Browser for Android

Kiwi is the most preffered chromium-based browser for Android. It is mostly preffered because of the fact that Kiwi allows you to run desktop Chrome extensions on Android, without providing any lags.
1. Download it from Play Store and open it.

2. From the browser’s main interface, tap on the menu icon and select Extensions.

3. Enable the Developer Mode toggle.

4. Visit the https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions URL on the Kiwi browser.

5. Select the Chrome extension and tap on the Add to Chrome button to install it.


Is it ok to use Chrome extensions on other browsers?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with using any web browser that allows you to install third-party extensions. You can use such browsers to benefit from a Chrome extension on mobile.

Can I install the desktop Chrome extensions on Google Chrome?

Unfortunately no, there’s no official way to install and use Chrome extensions from Google Chrome. Even if you visit the Webstore, you will only be allowed to add the extensions to desktop, but not on mobile.

Is there any Chrome Webstore for Android?

There isn’t any Chrome Webstore for Android, but you can benefit from the Play Store to install the official versions of your preffered mobile applications.

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