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How Old is My Discord Account [2022]

  • Discord is a digital communication platform.
  • It’s famous among game developers, because of its communities and videos streaming facilities.
  • I will discuss the method to check the Age of Discord Account.

Discord has now reached a milestone that’s hard to beat. As many gamers and career builders prefer to use this platform, to promote their careers in their desired fields.

There’s no denying that many streamers on Discord are gamers, but it’s also a pretty good platform for product hunting. Because it gives a user the opportunity of finding the right audience.

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And in case you are using your Discord for a long time and want to know the exact age of your discord account, you are required to consult with third-party apps.

But to get to work with such tools, you also need to know your Discord ID. Because most of these tools don’t allow you to get any results just from your discord username.

How Old is My Discord Account?

Discord’s profile ID can only be revealed if the developer mode is enabled and streamer mode is disabled. Because only then, do you get to use your ID to reveal the actual age of your Discord account.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Get Age of Discord Account

1. Launch the Discord client/website on your computer.

2. Click on the Gear icon to launch the App Settings.

3. Navigate to the Advanced tab, from the left pane.

4. Enable the Developer Mode toggle from the right pane.

How Old is My Discord Account
5. Go to the Streamer Mode tab from the left sidebar.

6. Disable Streamer Mode‘s toggle from the right-sided interface.

check the Age of Discord Account
7. Navigate back to Discord’s main interface.

8. Right-click on your Profile and select Copy ID.

9. Launch a web browser to visit the Discord lookup page.

Discord Lookup
10. Now, paste the copied ID in the given space and click on the Lookup button.

FAQs: Discord Account

How long it takes Discord to delete a disabled account?

Discord gives you a 14 days time frame to reverse your decision. Because if your account is disabled for 14 days, it gets deleted on the 15th day.

How to check the age of a Discord server?

You can visit the same Discord lookup page on your web browser and enter the Server’s ID to check how old it is. And for that, it’s not nesscary to enable developer mode. Because you can copy the Server ID from its URL.

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