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Fix: High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)


Willing to Reduce Ping in BGMI? Here are the best fixes to High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India. So you can fully enjoy your favorite battle royale gameplay without bieng interrupted by any network-related issues. And retaliate against your competitors by taking mandatory precautions.

A defective or high ping rate can mess a lot with your BGMI gameplay. And if your ping rate is higher than 60 or 70, your avatar will start to respond laggy. Similarly, you won’t be able to reach the supplies at the right time and may get killed just because you were unable to focus on the right spot. So rather than bearing the high ping in BGMI, why not try these solutions to reduce ping in BGMI.

How Can I Fix High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

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The high ping rate is caused because there’s something wrong with your connected network. So I’m going to discuss ways to help you fix High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India by providing ways to bypass network or BGMI errors. You need to keep implying the drafted tricks to resolve the issue immediately.

Swap Your Network

It is possible that your connected network isn’t responding well and you are facing high ping in BGMI. Many users think of it as a network issue caused by the device on which they are playing the game. But it can really be due to the bad health of your connected network.Reduce Ping in BGMI

If you are using cellular data while playing BGMI on Android, try shifting to Wi-Fi. Because sometimes there are fewer signals and you are not getting the excepted bandwidth rate. But with Wi-Fi, you get the exact strength of signals that are shown on your mobile device.

Try A Different Location

Even if you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi, your mobile can be unable to pick a good amount of signals from the network source. So it would be best to go in an open place like your roof while playing BGMI through mobile data. This would help your smartphone to get the best signals possible for the service providers.

Similarly, if your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi, try to enjoy your gameplay while bieng near the router. This would help your respond well and there’ll be less RAM consumption. Because now your device can receive the proper signals from the network source and don’t provide errors like High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Customize DNS Server

It is never a bother to resolve your DNS server. Because it also allows you to secure your network from getting hacked. You can use it to reduce ping in BGMI and fix High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India. For that, you have the option of customizing the DNS settings by yourself. But if you enter the wrong address, your internet browsing will be disabled. So it’s best to use a third-party app named Cloudflare to help you get the job done.

Cloudflare on Android

  • Visit the Google Play Store to install Cloudflare on Android
  • Once the application is installed, launch it and wait until you are directed to its home interface
  • Now tap once on the connection toggle to enable it
  • When the toggle is enabled and your connection is secured, restart BGMI and enjoy.

Boost Your BGMI Gameplay

Thanks to the upgraded smartphones, it’s not a difficult task to boost the gaming performance of your smartphone. Even in some Android versions, there’s a game mode that allows you to enjoy your gameplay without bieng interrupted by other app notifications.

So if your phone has a built-in facility like Zen Mode, Fnatic Mode, or Pro Game Mode, you need to enable it while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. If not, simply install a Game Booster from the Play Store.

High Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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