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How To Use Hide My Email On iOS 15 – iPhone & iPad


Hide My Email On iOS 15 is a new built-in privacy feature for hiding Emails. It helps you in managing your emails and keep your inbox spam-free. In iOS 15, Apple has added amazing features “Hide My Email” to protect you from phishing attacks. This feature does not work like a Mail manager, But it manages mail differently. The Apple way is unique and more effective when it comes to privacy.

What is “Hide My Email”

Hide My Email feature is integrated with the Stock Mail App, Safari, and other services. This feature allows the user to hide the Email when he or she is trying to signup on to an application or a web application using an Apple ID. Hide My Email on iOS 15 also protects you from hidden trackers in emails. Moreover, when the Hide My Email feature combined with iCloud Private Relay. It becomes a powerful privacy feature that enhances your online security.


Hide My Email On iOS 15 – How This Feature Works?

To learn about the processing of “Hide My Email” we have to dig deep into the working of this privacy features on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, we can also relate this feature with a VPN, as it masks our IP Addresses to protect us from trackers. Similarly, the Hide My Email feature masks your Email address and stops applications and websites from seeing your Email address.

However, when we signup for an application we receive an email for verification, and further down the road, we receive promotional emails from that website or application. However, if you are using “Hide My Email” then your Apple ID will generate a unique random Email ID, that forwards all the email to your personal Apple ID Inbox.

In easy words, your original Apple ID will not be made public and a random email account will be forwarding those emails to you. If you stop using that application, then after a while the emails from that application will stop coming to your main Apple ID Inbox. Moreover, this feature also filters out all the spamming emails, selected promotional emails, and much more on your command.

Where Can I Use This Feature On iPhone Or iPad

Hide My Email feature is only available on iOS 15 and is integrated into the Safari Browser, Stock Mail App, and iCloud Settings. So, if you are trying to signup on to a website using the Safari browser, look up the option of “Hide My Email” while entering the Email address. The Stock Mail App will show your the “Hide My Email” option when composing a new Mail, or locations where you enter the email address.

Manage Apps and websites Using Hide My Email

Apple has provided complete freedom to manage apps and websites that are using Hide My Email addresses. Open the Hide My Email future by visiting the Settings Menu > Device Name (at the top of the menu) > iCloud > Hide My Email. Here you will have many options, some of the major management features are.

  • Stop applications and websites from using email addresses. (Generated by “Hide My Email”)
  • Stop email forwarding.
  • Change forwarding email address.

How To Create “Hide My Email” Email addresses On iOS 15

Follow the method explained below to create Email addresses on “Hide My Email”

  • Open the settings menu.

  • Click on your profile (at the top of the screen)

Hide My Email On iOS 15

  • Scroll down and select iCloud.

Hide My Email On iOS 15

  • In this menu, tap on “Hide My Email”

Hide My Email On iOS 15

  • Tap on “Create New Address”

Hide My Email On iOS 15

  • Create a new email address and click on the continue button.

  • Now you have the option to label the email address so you can remember the purpose of the email. Then click on the Next button.

  • A confirmation message will pop on your device screen, click on the Done button to finish creating an email for Hide My Email On iOS 15.

This is all you need to know about Hide My Email On iOS 15. If you have any questions, then comment in the comment section below. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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