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[2021 Fix] Halo Infinite Audio Not Working

  • Many players have reported the Halo Infinite Audio Not Working issue.
  • The error arises during gameplay, especially when players have connected external headphones with their devices.
  • This no audio or crackling sound problem in Halo Infinite can be solved by performing the written procedures.

Halo Infinite Audio Not Working

It is never a bother to try out games that are offered by tech giants like Xbox Game Studios. Players even decide to buy such games from the game pass, thinking they wouldn’t be bothered by any gameplay glitches. But certainly, the Halo Infinite gameplay isn’t free from errors like Audio Not Working or Crackling Sound. So my focus will be on delivering solutions to fix this problem.

How Do I Fix Halo Infinite Audio Not Working?

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Masses need to consider all the possible scenarios of Audio Not Working error on Halo Infinite. The error may reside within the game, but it is also possible that the operating system is unable to respond correctly to the external headphone. So by considering various possibilities, I deliver a list of fixes to this issue.

Update Audio Driver

Because this error is associated with the audio of gameplay, you should consider updating the audio drivers on your Windows PC. This action would allow your computer to install the latest version of the audio driver for the support of connected hardware.

  • Right-click on the speaker icon from the taskbar and select the Sounds option.
  • From the Playback tab, double-click on your sound hardware (speaker or headset).
  • On the Properties tab, click on the Properties button, from the controller information section.
  • Go to the Driver tab and click on Update Driver.
  • Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option.
  • Once the audio drivers are updated, reboot your PC.

Customize Audio Settings on Xbox

In case you are annoyed by the Halo Infinite Audio Not Working error on Xbox, you should consider customizing the audio settings on your game console. You only need to change your audio settings to Stereo, so that Xbox can respond well to the game’s audio request.

  • Exit Halo Infinite on Xbox and navigate to the Profile and System tab.
  • Go to Settings >> Volume & audio output
  • Depending upon your connected device, perform the following customization:
    1. For Speaker: Select Stereo audio (uncompressed) for HDMI audio.
    2. For Headset: Change headset format to Stereo uncompressed or Windows Sonic for Headphones.

Turn-Off Hands-free Telephony

The hands-free telephony is enabled by default on your system. But it’s only available to help you connect the BlueTooth headphones for making calls from your computer. One disadvantage of this facility is that it can mess around with audio support for third-party applications. So you need to disable it and check if it resolves the issue.

  • After exiting Halo Infinite, use the search bar to open the Control Panel.
  • Navigate to Hardware and Sound >> Devices and Printers
  • Double-click on your connected headphones to launch its properties.
  • Navigate to Hardware and click on Properties.
  • Go to the Services tab and uncheck the Hands-free Telephony box.
  • Click on Apply >> Ok.

Disable Microphone

Sometimes your handset’s microphone is interrupting the response received by headphones. In that case, you should disable the microphone to examine if that helps you in fixing the issue or not.

  • Launch the Device Manager using the start menu.
  • Expand the “Audio inputs and output” tab.
  • Right-click on the Microphone array and select Disable Device.
  • Now restart your computer to benefit from the implied changes.

Note: You can reverse the above-mentioned to enable the microphone back again.

Disable Sound Communications

Disabling sound communications can also help you in fixing the audio issue caused on Halo Infinite or any other third-party apps.

  • Right-click on the speaker icon from the Windows taskbar.
  • Select the Sounds option from the given list.
  • Navigate to the Communications tab.
  • Select the Do Nothing bullet.
  • Click on the Ok button and restart your PC.

Tweak Microphone Privileges

Windows OS allows you to customize the microphone privacy settings. This action helps users who are frustrated by the interruption of microphone and audio sounds.

  • Press Win + I keys to launch the settings window.
  • Navigate to Privacy >> Select Microphone from the left pane.
  • From the right-pane, disable the following toggles:
    1. Allow apps to access your microphone
    2. Allow desktop apps to access your microphone
  • After disabling the mentioned toggles, restart your computer.

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