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[2022 Fix] GTA Online Sound Not Working

  • GTA Online leads a storyline of Los Santos, where players can join forces to defeat the big mafia.
  • Rockstar Games has offered all-new GTA Online: The Contract for the fans of Grand Theft Auto V.
  • But certainly, many users have to bear the GTA Online Sound Not Working issue, so I will talk about some of its fixes.

GTA Online Sound Not Working

The title GTA doesn’t need any introduction, it’s one of the most favored online games for PC. However, if you are playing GTA V, you have to choose from Storyline or Online. But with the launch of GTA Online, you or your group can go step into Los Santiago to meet with the street gangs.

Even though, the game’s theme is still fun to play and enjoyed by various corners of the world. There are users who are facing trouble with the sound issues on GTA Online. That’s why I have added various workarounds to help gamers get rid of any audio-related issues.


How Do I Fix GTA Online Sound Not Working?

There can be various reasons for the GTA Online Sound Not Working issue. But if you are not encountering any issue with your device’s apps, but only facing the audio issue in GTA Online, it indicates that the game files are causing trouble or the sound controller isn’t specifically supporting it. So if you want to get rid of this error and enjoy GTA Online with full sound, perform the following troubleshooting solutions.

Fix Audio Settings

Some faulty in-game audio settings can lead to sound-related issues. Because if the sound has been disabled from the settings, you will get the expected output. In that case, users need to ensure that the audio facility is enabled properly from the in-game settings.Fix GTA Online Audio Settings

  • Navigate to the in-game settings.
  • Select the Audio tab from the left pane.
  • Make sure the following scales are at maximum:
    • SFX Volume
    • Music Volume
    • Dialogue Boost
  • After scaling the aforementioned facilities, restart the game.

Fix Volume Mixer

It is a possibility that the volume mixer on your computer isn’t allowing GTA Online to output sound. In that case, you need to ensure that the game is enabled from the sound mixer and is not muted by your PC.

  • Right-click on the Speaker icon from the system tray and select “Open Volume Mixer”
  • Locate the GTA sound scale and ensure that it’s not muted.

Fix Voice Chat Settings

Some voice chat settings can lead to the failure of in-game sounds. Because when a player is talking or listening to another user’s voice, most of the in-game sound effects are disabled. To prevent such case scenario, users need to certain changes within the voice chat settings.Fix GTA Online Voice Chat Settings

  • From the in-game settings interface, select “Voice Chat” from the left sidebar.
  • Select maximum for the following scales:
    • SFX Volume
    • Music Volume
  • Now, go back to the GTA Online gameplay.

Disable Mute Audio

There’s a “Mute Audio on Focus Mode” facility that’s provided for users who want to keep the launched while navigating to other apps on their PC. But one problem with such a service is that it doesn’t work sometimes when players launch their gameplay again. So if you are not using any other applications while playing GTA Online, it’s better to keep this service disabled for good.Disable Mute Audio on Focus Mode

  • From the Settings menu, select Audio from the left sidebar.
  • Now, disable the “Mute Audio on Focus Mode” toggle from the right pane.

Restore Default Audio Settings

In case you have tried all the aforementioned methods to fix sound issues on GTA Online, you need to consider restoring the in-game settings to default. This action will be quite helpful in resolving any glitches caused due to faulty customizations.Reset GTA Online Audio Settings

To do so, navigate to in-game Settings >> Select Audio. Now from the right pane, click on the “Restore Defaults” option. Confirm your action and wait until the process is completed.

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