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GTA 5 Mods Crashing My Game – How to fix it [2022]

  • GTA 5 is probably one of the most detailed, expensive, all-time grossing, and most important games in gaming history.
  • Missions and Mods of GTA 5 and preceding games make the most attractive.
  • But some users keep getting GTA 5 Mods Crashing Your Game, so I will deliver some fixes for this issue.

It’s a shame that many players have to face the issue while connecting to the game servers.

And if they are not bieng able to connect with the servers, how can they be playing in multiplayer mode.

So if you are encountering any GTA 5 Mods Crashing issues, consult with the following section.


How Do I Fix GTA 5 Mods Crashing Issues?

GTA 5 Mods Crashing

Total Time: 6 minutes

Check whether the game servers are alive-n-kicking or not.

Troubleshoot your internet connection.

Repair the game files of GTA 5 Mods Crashing

Run GTA 5 as Administrator

Avoid playing GTA 5 on cross-platforming.

Reinstall GTA 5 from the game client.

Here, I would like to discuss the aforementioned steps in detail.

Check GTA 5 Servers Status

The very first thing that you need to do is to check the current status of GTA 5.

For that cause, you can visit the DownDetector website on your web browser.

Or, as a straightforward solution, you should visit GTA 5 Twitter handle to check out the latest details about it.

Check the Internet and Troubleshoot it

Since you are getting the GTA 5 Mods Crashing, you should check the credibility of your internet connection.

In that case, you can consult with websites like speedtest.net to check the current status of the connected network.

If the bandwidth speed is less than 25Mbps, power cycle your router.

Repair GTA 5 Files

Fixing the game files can be resourceful, especially when you are facing connectivity issues with it.

Repair Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Files
  • Launch Steam and go to the Library section.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon present beneath the box of GTA 5.
  • Select the Properties option.
  • Go to Local Files and click on Verify the integrity of game files
  • After completing the verification process, restart Steam.

Run GTA 5 Mods with Admin Privileges

Some programs like antivirus, block the game resource, so you should launch it with admin rights.

Launch Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands as Administrator
  • Right-click on the shortcut icon of GTA 5 and select Properties
  • Navigate to the Compatibility tab
  • Check the Run this program as administrator box.
  • Click on the Ok button.

Disable Cross-Platforming

If you are launching GTA 5 Multiplayer Sessions, I would suggest you use LAN sessions.

It would allow you to connect with other devices, without having to use online game mode.

And, it can also help you in resolving any issue connectivity issues.

Reinstall GTA 5

Reinstallation of the game is required if you are still facing the same mods crashing issue in GTA 5.

From the Steam client, right-click on GTA 5 and select Uninstall button.

As in Epic Games Launcher, click on the three-dotted icon present beside GTA 5 and select Uninstall.

Once the game is uninstalled, restart the game client/launcher, and then reinstall GTA 5 on it.

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