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Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes for Horror Mode [2023]


Gorilla Tag is a strategy used in the game of tag where the person who is “it” chases after other players to tag them.

The twist is that instead of simply tagging someone with a hand, the person who is “it” has to make a chest-beating gesture (like a gorilla) to officially tag someone.

This game is often played outside, with a large group of people, and can be a fun and active way to enjoy physical activity with friends.


What’s Ghost Mode in Gorilla Tag?

Ghost mode in Gorilla Tag refers to a variation of the game where players can become “ghosts” and can no longer be tagged by the person who is “it”.

There is usually a designated area where players can go to become ghosts and then they are safe from being tagged. Specifics of how ghost mode works can vary between different groups playing Gorilla Tag, so it’s important to establish the rules before starting the game.

Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes (Active Ones)

  • Sren18
  • Sren17
  • Spider
  • exe
  • Run
  • Pbbv
  • Pbbc
  • Morse
  • J3vu
  • I see you
  • Hunt
  • Echo
  • Chippd
  • Banjo

How Do I Redeem Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes?

Here’s what players need to do to redeem Ghost codes in Gorilla Tag:

Redeem Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes
  • Navigate to the Hub Wordle and use the computer. (placed near the tree)
  • Enter the Room.
  • Now, enter the Gorilla Tag Server code to redeem it.

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