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Fix: Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android


Poor Battery Draining is never acceptable by smartphone users. And, they have the right of using a phone with healthy battery consumption. But sometimes, bad battery consumption is caused by built-in services like Google Play. So here, I’ve decided to deliver ways to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android.

Professionals always recommend that a user should always keep his phone up-to-date, to avoid several sorts of errors. But when there’s a beta version of phone software, you also encounter that it does contain errors. For instance, if you are using the beta version of Android 12, your device may respond laggy at some point.

How Do I Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android?

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I’ve added more than one solution to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain Issues. So you are allowed to pick any method that solves the problem and doesn’t bring more lags into your smartphone. However, you are requested to implement the drafted steps exactly in the manner they are drafted.

1. Update Google Play Services

Google Play Services is updated automatically, but sometimes your smartphone isn’t getting the automatic updates. So it would be better to check whether if there’s a pending update in the market or not. Because whenever there’s an error inside the built-in services, its best solution is of updating it to the latest version.

  • From the Settings app, navigate to the Apps and Notifications section.
  • Search for Google Play Services and Open it.
  • Under Advanced, click on App Details
  • Now tap on the Update button and wait until the services are updated.
  • For a better experience, you should also update Google Play Store on Android.

Google Play Services Battery Drain

2. Leave Google Play (Beta)

You may be currently using the Beta Version of Google Play Services. Mostly, you are not notified about the beta update, resulting-in, you have to face the consequences of using a Beta version. Because almost every beta version contains errors like Battery Draining Issues.

  • Launch Google Play Store on Android and tap on your profile icon.
  • Select My apps & games from the appearing menu.
  • Navigate to the Beta tab and select Google Play Services
  • At the last of the interface, tap on the Leave link
  • Once the beta version is removed from the list, update Google Play Services on Android manually.


3. Restart Your Phone

I’ve seen cases when a simple restart is enough for fixing errors like Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android. So before having to disable or delete any files/apps, try restarting your smartphone. It would allow your Mobile OS to understand where the problem persists. And hopefully, it’ll imply fixes automatically.

4. Clear Cache

Having a fully loaded cache can also be a reason for battery draining. Because when its memory is filled with unnecessary files, your phone starts to respond slower than before. Especially, the cache memory of built-in services like Google Play Services can a real headache. So from time to time, try clearing them whenever you are experiencing lags.

  • From the Settings of your smartphone, go to the Apps & Notifications tab.
  • Open Google Play Services and navigate to Storage and cache
  • At last, tap on Clear Cache

Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android

5. Disable Unwanted Accounts

Using several accounts on a singular device can also cause a lot of trouble. Because every user has enabled the Auto-sync process, so whenever the synchronization takes place, it starts to drain your phone’s battery. So it’s better to use accounts that are important for you. Else, remove the unwanted accounts, so your phone can rest for a while until you are using your default account.

  • Navigate to the Accounts tab from the phone’s settings.
  • Select an unwanted account from the list.
  • Now tap once on Remove Account and confirm your action.


In case you wish to use all your accounts, then customize their sync settings to lessen the amount of battery consumption.

6. Turn Off Location Access

Location access can be a huge cause of battery drain. So it’s better to disable them for unnecessary apps. Either deny all the apps that you find unworthy or select the Ask every time option for apps like web browsers on Android.

  • Use the search bar in Settings to open the App permissions tab.
  • Navigate to the Location tab.
  • Now disable the toggles of apps that you find inappropriate or unworthy of location access.

Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android

7. Clear Storage

One option is still left to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain on Android. You can reboot the Google Play Services data by deleting it. Because once you delete all the associated data, your Google accounts will be removed and all of its settings will be set to default. You’ll have to again log in using your Google ID, but this time, there will be fewer chances of battery drain.

  • Open Google Play Services from the Apps & Notifications section.
  • Go to the Storage and Cache section
  • Tap on Clear all data
  • Hit Uninstall Updates
  • Now update Google Play Services manually by viewing the app details in Google Play Store.


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