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How to Fix Google Pixel 6 Pro Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting [2022]


In the following post, I will be discussing solutions to fix Google Pixel 6 Pro Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting or Dropping.

If you have encountered this error, you should first perform a soft reset.

In case a simple reset doesn’t help you resolve this connectivity issue, only then perform the procedures that I have drafted for you.


Many Google Pixel 6 Pro users are facing connectivity problems on their smartphones.

But I have drafted added methods that will also work on the Google Pixel 6 devices.

Because the process of cellular data remains the same on all the Pixel 6 variants.

How Do I Fix Google Pixel 6 Pro Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting?

Google Pixel 6 Pro Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting

Now we are going to write down the steps that will teach you how to fix the Google Pixel 6 Pro Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Look over your mobile network.

Enable and disable the Airplane mode on your Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Reset network settings to avoid any connectivity issues.

Keep the device’s software updated to the latest build.

Re-Insert your SIM card.

Wipe the cache partition of your Google Pixel 6 Pro device.

Perform a hard reset, to remove all corruptions.

Now, I would like to discuss the aforementioned methods.

Check the Cellular Data

Before moving any further, ensure that the data package is still alive-n-kicking.

Many service providers only give access to limited bandwidth.

So it’s your job to be aware of the fact that whether the mobile network is still working or not.

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

By enabling the Airplane mode, all your networks go offline.

It’s good if you never to be bothered by any calls or messages, during your peacetime.

But it can also be great to trigger the connectivity services.

So what you should do is to use the notification panel to enable and then disable Airplane mode, while Mobile Network is turned on.

Reset Network Settings

Yes, resetting your network settings can help you resolve Google Pixel 6 Pro Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting.

This action would allow you to bypass all the connectivity-related corruptions from the system.

You can visit the following guide to know how it can be done.

Update Software

Users should also keep their system software updated to the latest build.

This would allow them to remove all the glitches, encountered in the outdated version.

Re-Insert SIM Card

A simple workaround that can help you resolve this issue is the re-insertion of your SIM card.

All you have to do is to eject the SIM card and after 10 to 20 seconds, insert it back.

And, if you have another smartphone, try inserting that SIM from Pixel 6 pro in it.

In case the SIM is executing properly on both devices, that means there’s not wrong with it.

Wipe Cache Partition

If you don’t want to remove all your important files from your device and want to keep it clean, you should Wipe Cache Partition on it.

This would help you in clearing the glitched cache memory that’s intercepting with the network resources.

Hard Reset Pixel 6 pro

Your last hope is to hard reset your Google Pixel 6 Pro that Mobile Network Keeps Disconnecting.

In that case, you will have to create a backup of your important files, because the factory reset will wipe all the memory.

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