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How to Get Google Messages App with RCS Features on Samsung Devices


Get Google Messages App with RCS Features on Samsung Devices through this tutorial. The big fish of the past is coming back with the advanced tech features. Google Messages app is like the iMessage of iPhone. Previously This app was specifically related to Google only, but this time it has the back of the 2 best tech organizations in the world. One of the best operating system developers and the other one is the best smartphone manufacturer. Yes! You heard it right.

Samsung and Google partnered together to bring this revamped google messages app to the Samsung phones, but right now it only works for the S21 series and some other One UI 3.1 Samsung phones around the world.

This app was styled after Samsung One UI, now it back. Developers and tech experts are praising this initiative a lot. It seems like the Google Messages app is part of the Samsung Ecosystem like it belongs to this UI from the beginning. Now Google Messages app comes with the RCS Messaging which makes it more exciting.


Google Messages App with RCS Features

Your regular messages app on the Samsung S21 series or other series phones with 3UI will update automatically through the new software patch to your phones. Once you installed the update, open the Messages app. Users will see the app is replaced by the Google Messages app with RCS features.

Google Messages App with RCS Features

There are a bunch of new features in-app. Open any chat on the Messages app, there will be some major changes.

Emoji Reactions on texts

Well, it’s a common feature on social media communication apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. But, you will rarely see on the OS Stock messages app. iOS already offers similar stuff in their iMessage. Now, Android also steps into this latest trend. If you got a message from someone and you are not in a Typing mood, simply send a react in reply.

Tap and hold on to the message to whom you want to reply. A line of commonly used emoji will appear, select one emoji and it will instantly send to the other person.

According to the Text GIFs

GIFs are savior, not just of time but of your mind also. Google Messages app with RCS feature also includes a GIF Sensor!

For example, if you are typing or already sent the “What’s Up?” text, the messages will offer you to pick and send the Whats Up GIf from a hell of variety. Similarly, if the user intends to send “Where are you” How are you” I am Hungry or any other general text the Google Messages app for Samsung will prompt a link of GIFs according to text.

The reason why Google and Samsung redesigned the app is to unify the messaging experience across Android devices just like iMessage for iOS, as we mentioned earlier.

How to Enable RCS Chat features on Google Messages App

  1. It is so easy, just need to follow a couple of steps and here they are,
  2. Open the Google Messages App on your Samsung One UI Version 3.1 device.
  3. Tap on the three-dotted menu icons on the top right of the app screen.
  4. Navigate to the Settings and select the Chat Features. Now you will see the RCS features that you might like to enable or not. For example,
    • We have “Enable Chat Features” It is for sending and receiving text messages over WiFi or Data when available. It can save your SIM network cost.
    • Other options like “Send Read Receipts” If you enable this option other persons will know that you read their texts or didn’t. If you prefer to keep it turned off then the other person will never know either message is read by you or not?
    • Typing Indicators” Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM users already know about this. Once you enabled this option, another person can see the tying indicator when you are typing.

So viewers! these were the major highlight of the Google Messages App with RCS Features on Samsung Devices.

We want to confirm your 2 things. First, Future Samsung Smartphone buyers will get the Google Messages app in stock instead of the regular app. Secondly, this service is not active in the USA right now, it will launch soon.

How do I get RCS messages on my Samsung?

If you have a Samsung Devie with One UI Version 3.1 like the Samsung S21 series then you will be able to get the RCS messaging on Samsing in arriving update.

Does RCS work on Samsung messages?

Yes! without any doubt. In fact, the Google Messages App with RCS Features will only work on Samsung devices. If you are talking about regular messages app with RCS features then a big “No” is our answer.

How do I enable RCS chat features in Google messages?

The author has already described the procedure to enable RCS Chat Features in Google Messages app. Scroll up and find the heading “How to Enable RCS Chat features on Google Messages App?”

Does Samsung use Google messages?

Well, it has started using Google Messages in the latest flagships. In the Future, all Samsung Smartphones will include the Google Messages app as a stock app. It’s time to say Good-Bye to the “ancient messages” app.

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