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[2022 Fix] Google Maps Not Working on Android

  • Google Maps is a free mapping facility that works as a built-in app on Android devices.
  • It is used for various reasons like locating the suitable route to a destination and watching a place from the satellite view.
  • There have been complaints about Google Maps Not Working on Android, so I’ll help my readers in fixing it.

Google Maps Not Working on Android

Some people like Uber and tourist guides rely on Google Maps. And many among us, use it to get a safe route to get to the office or home. So when such a beneficial app stops working, users feel very annoyed. If you are a victim of the Google Maps crashing or stopping issue, consult with the following section.

How Do I Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android?

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Individuals need to consider various possibilities regarding the Google Maps Not Working error. Because the error may reside within the system or app. So it would be better to perform workarounds that could actually help you revive Google Maps services on your Android smartphone.

Update Google Maps

Ensure that the Google Maps app is updated to the latest version. Try connecting your smartphone with Wi-Fi, to check if you are notified about the pending app updates.Update Google Maps

Else, you can also update the app manually on any network. Simply launch the Google Play Store and use the search bar to open Google Maps. If there’s a pending update available, an Update button will be shown on the app’s page.

Update Android OS

An outdated OS software can be a huge cause of Google Maps crashing or stopping. So it is your job to update the Mobile OS, so the updated app versions can run without any glitches.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Navigate to System >> System UpdateUpdate Android OS
  • Wait until you are notified about any pending updates.

Note: Before updating the software, ensure that your device has at least 60% battery.

Restart Google Maps

Various app bugs can be fixed just by restarting its resources. But you need to do it the right way, so the app can send the right amount of requests to the Mobile OS.

  • Tap-n-hold on the Google Maps icon and select “App Info”
  • Tap on the Force Stop option.Restart Google Maps
  • Now, restart your Android device and start using Google Maps.

Clear App Cache

Glitched cache data can cause various problems with the app’s ongoing activities. So it would be better to clear the junk files from the system that can mess with the app’s services.

  • Tap-n-hold on the Google Maps app and select “App Info”
  • Go to the “Storage and Cache” tab.
  • Tap on the Clear Cache option.Google Maps Not Working
  • Relaunch Google Maps on your smartphone.

Grant Required Access

Google Maps requires access to certain facilities of your system. It can only work if it’s allowed to access the microphone, current location, and device’s speaker. So your job is to ensure that the app’s got certain privileges to work properly.

  • Open Settings and go to the Apps section.
  • Locate and visit the Google Maps menu.
  • Navigate to the Permissions tab.Google Maps Crashing
  • Ensure that all the app permissions toggles are enabled.
  • Now, open Google Maps on your Android device.

Try Google Maps Go

In case your device isn’t supporting the official Google Maps app, you have the benefit of installing Google Maps Go. This app is basically developed to work on slower Android devices. But there’s no restriction on installing it on an upgraded device.Google Maps Go on Android

So it can beneficial for users who are not able to use the Maps app because their smartphone isn’t responding well. And there’ll be no need to use an extra account to use Google Maps Go because you are allowed to use the same ID on it.

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