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Fix: Google Keeps Stopping on Android [2021 Guide]


Facing difficulty because of Google Keeps Stopping on Android? If you are troubled by the Google Keeps Crashing issue, read the rest of this guide. Because here, I’ve added solutions to help you bypass this critical error and use your Android apps like a charm.

Every application like Facebook, Instagram, & Clubhouse can work appropriately if the Google Play Services are working properly. And if they are not responding well, you may get interrupted while using social media apps or playing high-end games on Android. So without waiting for another software update, you can perform a bunch of workarounds to fix this issue by yourself.

How Do I Fix Google Keeps Stopping on Android?

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You may have noticed a software update on your Android Phone. And the recent updates may have caused the Google Keeps Stopping on Android issue. Similarly, it’s also possible that some of the system files aren’t working as expected. So I’m going to discuss several methods to help you fix all the errors related to Google Keeps Crashing on Android.

Restart Android OS

In some cases, the backend processes aren’t working properly. Maybe that’s why you are facing Google Keeps Stopping on Android. So before having to perform any lengthy procedures, you should restart your Android device. That’ll help you figure out whether if the system files are corrupted or if they are just not working at the moment. And, when the system reboots, check if it resolves this issue.

Uninstall Google Play Services (Beta)

It is a possibility that you are using Google Play Services (Beta). And that’s the main reason behind this frustrating error. So it’s better to check and if that’s the case, uninstall the beta version instantly. It’ll also help you improve the battery health of your Android smartphone.

  • Open Google Play Store on Android
  • Tap once on your profile icon and select My Apps & Games
  • Go to the Beta section (if available)
  • Select Google Play Services and hit Uninstall
  • After uninstalling Google Play Services (Beta), restart your handheld device.Google Keeps Crashing

Remove Unwanted Accounts

If you are using multiple accounts on one handheld device, it’s time you remove them from the directory. Multiple accounts can put a burden on the default apps and provide several errors. So it’s better to remove the unwanted accounts that are of no use to you.

  • From the Settings App, tap on Accounts
  • Choose an account from the provided list that you can remove for your device
  • Tap on the Remove Account button
  • Do the same for all the unwanted accounts.Google Keeps Stopping

Note: If you wish to keep all your accounts signed in, do disable the synchronization for better performance.

Uninstall Updates

In several cases, an error is caused after updating the app’s services. So it’s better to uninstall the recently installed updates to bypass critical errors like Google Keeps Crashing. You can also uninstall the Google Updates by implying the following set of instructions:

  • Open the Settings App on Android
  • Navigate to the Apps & Notification tab
  • Select Apps from the available links
  • Locate & select Google Play Services
  • Tap once on the Force Stop button
  • Confirm the Force Stop action and navigate back to the Apps section
  • Now select Google from the available list of apps
  • Once you have navigated to the settings of Google App, tap once on the three-dotted icon
  • Tap on Uninstall Updates and wait for a couple of seconds
  • After the updates are uninstalled, reinstall your Android deviceGoogle Keeps Stopping on Android
  • This method will fix your issue and you’ll not be bothered by the Google Keeps Stopping on Android error again.

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