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Fix: Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File [2022]


Google Docs is a free online word processor. It is meant to help people who want to create word documents and export them to Google Drive. Well, the files from Google Docs can also be exported to a device or shared via email.

However, many users prefer to use Google Docs to export their word documents in PDF. And that’s mainly because a built-in file converter is available within this word processor.

There are users complaining about this issue and I’m here to help such users, by providing a bunch of workarounds to export files in PDF format.


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How Do I Fix Google Docs Not Downloading PDF File?

Users are usually unable to download documents in PDF because they are facing some restrictions. The error is triggered whenever they try to download large documents in PDF via Google Docs.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Download in Parts

If you are sure that you are downloading a large document that’s about 100 pages, you should split it into two or more parts.

Splitting the file would help you in various ways, as now it would be easier for you to manage all the pages separately.

And, once the file is split into different parts, you should then download it in PDF.

Once all the parts are downloaded, use the help of online tools to merge all the parts with one another.

Download in DOCX

While downloading a file in Docx format, you should not face any restrictions from Google Docs.

In that case scenario, you should try to download your preferred file in Docx. It might disturb the spacing in your document, but you’ll definitely get to download it.

Afterward, use the help of online tools to convert Docx to PDF for free.

Download in ODT

Similar to Docx, you can also download files from Google Docs in ODT format. The OpenDocument Text file is quite impressive and very less laggy.

So now you need to download a file in ODT and then convert it to PDF, by using online ODT to PDF tools.

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