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Download Google Camera for Vivo V25 5G | GCam APK [2022]


In this post, I have added links to help my readers download Google Camera for Vivo V25 5G. I will provide links for GCAM APK v8.4, so you can download the most compatible GCam for your Vivo V25 5G.

It’s true that Gcam only comes in Pixel devices, making it more compelling.

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Because this application isn’t officially available for other devices, many users prefer to use it to benefit from special characteristics.

Why Download GCam for Vivo V25 5G?

A built-in camera app in Vivo V25 5G isn’t developed enough to meet the requirements of a modern-age smartphone user.

Google Camera for Vivo V25 5G

But the GCam designed for the latest pixel devices is capable of providing good camera services like HDR+ technology which is a lot preferred by every smartphone user.

Let’s take a look at what GCam v8.4 can offer for users of Vivo V25 5G:

Magic Eraser

This is the most prominent feature of the Google Pixel 6 Pro known as the magic eraser.

It is the concept of using AI to remove unwanted specs of dirt and spots in photos. The photos look so natural and non-edited even after the editing.

Real Tone

Closest to the nature that what we can say about the Google camera Pixel 8.4 APK.

It will present the exact color of nature, neither underrated nor oversaturated. Shows the skin color in exactly the shade it is.

Face Unblur

Over the years we are talking about the iPhone camera’s blur accuracy and Android Cameras always lack that.

Finally, Android cameras are leading the Smartphones Camera from iPhones.

Smartphones like Google Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have a Google camera app that provides users with the perfect Face Unblur feature.

Download Google Camera for Vivo V25 5G

Here are the details about the latest version of Google Camera APK for Vivo V25 5G. Click on the Download button to get the Google Camera app on your Android Smartphone/tablet.

App Name Google Camera
Version 8.4
Developer Google LLC.
Size 332.72 MB

Time for Installation: 1 minute

Download the latest version of Google Camera for Android from the above download button. To install it on an Android device follow the below instructions.

How to Install Google Camera 8.4 APK for Android

We are going to install the GCam 8.4 APK. So, we have to install Google Camera APK for Android in order to use it. Installing an APK file is easier but comparatively lengthy than Google Play Method. As Chinese phones don’t have Google Play Services, they have to go for an alternate way.

Open your Phone Settings > Go to the Security > Tap on More Settings > Open the unknown sources > Toggle on the switch to enable.

By the way, Android will also prompt a permission request to install any APK file every time. So you don’t need to find the option in settings.

  1. Download Google Camera APK from the above button.
  2. Tap on the “OK”, and “Download anyway” buttons when a browser will prompt the warning pop-up.
  3. After downloading tap on the file to open it. It will ask you to modify a setting.
  4. Toggle on the button for unknown sources. Set back to the installation tab. Tap on the Install button.

The app will get installed on your Android device within a few seconds.

You are ready to use the Google Camera APK 8.4 for Android phones.

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