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How to Fix Ghostwire Tokyo Can’t Connect to Server Error [2022]


Today, we are writing down an early guide that lets you fix Ghostwire Tokyo Can’t Connect to Server Error. Ghostwire Tokyo is an upcoming Action and Adventure video game.

It is the creation of Tango Gameworks and was published by Bethesda Softworks. A highly expert game development company based in Rockville, Maryland, US.

We can surely expect that this game will be the biggest game of 2022. It is set to release on the 25th of March 2022.


Currently, the game is in the testing phase. Obviously, there are many errors in the game because it’s in the initial stage.

Usually, the developers of mega games launch the beta versions of their games. So, that they can analyze the game errors and fix them before launching the final release.

The wait is over, Ghostwire Tokyo is launched and available at the official stores – on 25th March 2022

Well, Ghostwire Tokyo developers didn’t launch any beta version of the game. We are pretty sure that after the game launching, the fans will face some Ghostwire Tokyo errors in the beginning.

Like other online server-based games, users may face Ghostwire Tokyo server connection failure.

How to fix Ghostwire Tokyo Can’t Connect to Server Error

Ghostwire Tokyo Can't Connect to Server Error

Here are some of the solutions that can help you to fix Ghostwire Tokyo not connecting to server Error.

These solutions are self-implemented and actually, these are quite helpful in improving the overall performance of the game.

Also, work to fix Ghostwire Tokyo not connecting to server Error.

Time: 15 Min

Check the Server Status

As the game is new so it’s quite possible the Ghostwire Tokyo servers are globally down.

Follow the official Twitter page of the game developers. They update the audience quickly if they find something buggy or any update is arriving.

Check your internet connection

As the game is online, an Internet connection is a must-have to play Ghostwire Tokyo. InCase, you don’t get a stable connection then the game will lag obviously.

You must be 100% sure that your internet connection must be working. First, make it clear than move to any potential solution

Repair Game Files

Ghostwire Tokyo Can’t Connect to Server Error

Maybe the game files are corrupted, and that’s why you are forced to bear Ghostwire Tokyo Can’t connect to a server error.

So you need to repair the game files to ensure that the corruption inside game files is verified and fixed.

Try the VPN

The best way to fix Ghostwire Tokyo not connecting to server Error is using the VPN Connection.

Helpful in fixing other server-based games errors and issues which we personally experienced.

Virtual Private Networks ensures better ping in Ghostwire Tokyo. They shift the servers to the best available servers available in-game.

Just select a location in the VPN app and it will shift the game server to the present device location server.

For example, if you select US from the VPN your Ghostwire Tokyo server will also be of the United States.

Downgrade to Windows 10

We want to give a suggestion to players who are playing Ghostwire Tokyo on Windows 11 PC.

It’s not the perfect combination. I mean, Ghostwire Tokyo seems not enough comfortable with Windows 11.

On the other hand, Microsoft announced that they will work on Windows 11 more to make it perfect for all kinds of games.

They promise to deliver stable software that brings maximum performance out of the hardware by the end of 2022.

Till that date, we highly recommend Ghostwire Tokyo Players to Downgrade their System on Windows 10.

Uninstall and Reinstall Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Can't Connect to Server Error

That’s the last DIY solution that you can try to fix Ghostwire Tokyo can’t connect to Server.

Uninstall Ghostwire Tokyo and Reinstall it.

Start the Ghostwire Tokyo again from scratch.

To uninstall Ghostwire Tokyo on Windows 11 and Windows 10, follow these steps.

Type Add or remove programs on the Cortana Search Bar, and click on the option that appeared by the same name on the left pane.

Click on Ghostwire Tokyo on the all-app list that is installed on your computer.

Click on Uninstall and let the computer uninstall software completely.

Reboot the computer to refresh the system once.

Visit Google Chrome and download the latest version of Ghostwire Tokyo. Or get Ghostwire Tokyo for Windows 11 or Windows 10 from there.

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Is Ghostwire Tokyo a Horror Game?

I don’t think that we can take it as a horror game. There is a horror element known as Zombies in this game.

By nature, it is an action-adventure game instead of a survival horror game

Is Tokyo Ghostwire Cancelled?

No, the game has not been canceled, despite the departure of creative director Nakamura.

Shinji Mikami, creative director of The Evil Within, replaced Nakamura as the overall executive producer for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Is Ghostwire Tokyo coming to PC?

Yes! The Ghostwire Tokyo on PC is coming on Windows PC on 25th March 2022.

It will be available on Steam for computer users using Windows 10. Keep visiting itsdailytech.com for further updates.

The Ghostwire Tokyo for Xbox? Nope, the game is only coming to Windows and Play stations.

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