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How to Get NFL Plus Free Trial for 7-Days [2022]


If anyone wants to test the NFL Plus service first, here is the official procedure to get NFL Plus Free Trial for 7-Days.

Quick Method

  1. Visit the NFL Game Pass website.
  2. Sign Up Now for NFL Game Pass, if you are not already.
  3. Start 7-Day Free Trial now by creating your account. Choose the payment method and fill out the payment details.
  4. Start your Free Trial.
  5. The payment will be charged after the trial gets over.

What is NFL Plus Free Trial?

It is a testing period that every NFL plus subscriber can get for the testing of the service. NFL lovers can check whether the service is worth every penny or not!


Now 7 days is a pretty reasonable time period, you can easily examine the factors that you want or expect in a streaming service. NFL fans are so emotional that one single disturbance during the game will get hell out of the service provider.

After testing the NFL plus service in detail if you feel satisfied then pay for it. According to us, this service is worth what it demands apart from the fact that we love Soccer.

Get NFL Plus Free Trial – Method in Detail

As we already told the method in short above, now we are writing down the method in detail with screenshots. So, if anyone of you can’t understand the theory or have a language problem! You can easily take help from the guide.

[1]. Visit the app drawer on your device, open the web browser (Google Chrome recommended) and Visit to the NFL Plus website.

[2]. Tap on the Sign Up Now button you see in the middle of the home page.

Get NFL Plus Free Trial for 7-Days

[3]. Now its time to choose the Annual or Weekly under the Pro subscription plan.

[4]. To get free trail on NFL, Tap on Start 7-Day Free Trial.

[5]. Required details like Email, Password, Name, and other personal details.

[6]. Review the Terms of Service and then tick all the checkboxes.

[7]. Click on the Create Account button at the bottom of the screen.

[8]. Select Payment method which suits you and provide the billing details.

[9]. Submit your request to start the NFL Plus free trial.

How to Cancel NFL Plus Free Trial

Now if someone wants to cancel the subscription before the payment date, this procedure should be followed. Remember the payment may be auto-transacted on the billing date so, please make it quick if you don’t want buy any Plan on NFL Plus.

[1]. Visit NFL Game Pass website on your PC or Smartphone browser.

Get NFL Plus Free Trial for 7-Days

[2]. Tap  or Click the Sign In button at the top right corner of the screen.

[3]. Enter the Email address, Password that you used while making NFL Plus account and then tap/click the Sign in button.

[4]. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner after your logged in.

[5]. Select My Account option from the menu.

[6]. Tap on the + icon before the My Subscription.

[7]. UncheckFree trial box and tap/click on the Cancel subscription option.

[8]. Tap/click on the Save button to cancel the Free Trial.

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