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How to Get Better WiFi – Overall Improvement


Get Better WiFi through our tips and tricks. If we talk about the most used and best medium to use the internet then it is the WiFi without any doubt. WiFi usage became common since the initial days of the 21st century. The world gets to know that they can use the internet without ethernet, telephone landline cables, and without any calling card.

Now if we say that there is a WiFi connection in every middle class and above status house in the world, it wouldn’t be wrong. It became an essential part of private and public life. The whole world E-commerce, social hubs, Education sector, Blogging & Vlogging are running on WiFi connections. In fact, in the global lockdown time, 30 percent of the world’s economy was dependent on the Internet. See, how much WiFi became important.

How to Get Better WiFi?

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As we described how much WiFi is important, obviously everyone needs to get better WiFi than. It is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet “How to get better WiFi”. People are always in search of ways to improve WiFi Speed.

Get Better WiFi

Well, we can’t give you the NASA alike internet speed, but at least we can give you some tips to improve the connection. You will be able to watch HD, UHD videos without any buffering. Before we proceed to the main topic, you need to perform 2 tests first. So, that it should be clear that your connection is slow or your ISP is messing.

Run the Speed Test

What is the line strength of your internet connection and how much you are receiving? These things will be determined after the speed test. To test your internet speed visit the URL. Check the test report and compare it with your WiFi package. Does your ISP is providing you exact speed as it was promised at the time of connection or not? If not, then it’s time to complain to your ISP.

Ping Test

Visit SpeedTest.net, where you’ll receive a ping figure measured in milliseconds. In general, lower numbers are better, but anything under 50 is regarded as good, and under 100 is normal. Keep a note of those numbers, so you can check-in at different times of day to see when there might be less congested periods.

After performing both tests, if you are sure that specifically your connection is not running well and there is no fault of ISP, then your need to follow the below remedies to get Better WiFi.

1. Restart the Router

The first and universal solution for any electric device is rebooting. In fact, if we say it is the conclusion of solutions, it may not be wrong.

To Improve the WiFi speed, restart the router first. Maybe due to a continuous power supply, your WiFi router got heat up. So, turn off the connection, give your router a well-needed shut-eye for few minutes. Turn On the WiFi router again and check your internet speed, it will be much better.

2. Don’t use Eco Mode

Eco mode means the economy mode that is the part of many hardware and software products. It is intended to make saving power consumption. By the way, not all companies give the Eco option in their routers.

If your router has eco mode and it is running, turn the eco mode off. Alongside saving power it also slows down the internet speed by providing limited power.

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3. Limit the connected Devices

An internet connection above 20mbps can easily handle up to 8 devices like phones and Laptops. As the device’s quantity increases, connection speed slows down. Because due to connection the speed gets divide and everyone gets a very minor share in WiFi speed. So, always connect a limited number of devices to your WiFi. Apologize for the extras!

4. Any Over air technology near to router?

I doubt that many of us not know that 2 signal-related devices can’t be kept near each other. It causes the signal disturbance with no concern with the signal type.

While a WiFi signal can travel hundreds of feet in an unobstructed space, walls and floors can cut that distance by half or more.

According to Comcast’s Patti Loyack, VP, xFi, Multifamily & Digital Security, the most important thing is to place the router in a central location with plenty of open space, near where you and your family use your devices the most.

Never keep any magnetic or electromagnetic device near the router. It will affect the WiFi in fact it can pause the WiFi. It’s better to avoid such material near the router, you will get Better WiFi sure after.

5. Request the ISP to change Router

Recently I requested my ISP to change the device router as it was getting old. After 5 years, I got a new router and when I used the internet on the new router, it makes me feels like traveling on a Buggati Chiron.

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