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Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords [Premium] 21 October 2022 [100% Working]


Here we are giving away Free Netflix Accounts that are 100% working!

The list of Netflix free accounts’ usernames and passwords, will be updated frequently as we arrange more of them.

Updated on: 2022-10-21


Usually, users can use Netflix on 5 devices by paying a monthly subscription. Only 5 active streaming devices can show you Netflix shows and movies at a time.

No matter how many devices are linked to a single account.

Update: 21 October 2022

October of 2022 is here and we are hoping to update the new Netflix Free Accounts soon. If any of our visitors have an empty slot on your Netflix account for one or more persons please share it with us. We will give the credits.

Latest Netflix Free Premium Accounts 21 October 2022 – List Update

UsernamePasswordPlan Validity
[email protected]quest2324 October 2022
[email protected]Lucyandgemma122 October 2022
[email protected]cooper22 October 2022
[email protected]kam09055023 October 2022
[email protected]jinih725 October 2022
[email protected]bassup2126 October 2022
[email protected]jayden1724 October 2022
[email protected]cupcake1704116 October 2022
[email protected]Michelle1974!25 October 2022
[email protected]Kyrieeleison1977!22 October 2022

Old Netflix Accounts (Can’t guarantee that all of these will work or Not!)

[email protected]karolina123 October 2022
[email protected]nnamdi8724 October 2022
[email protected]c12cl327869226 October 2022
[email protected]franny5126 October 2022
[email protected]charlie1922 October 2022
[email protected]rahtid4816 October 2022
[email protected]lawry198926 October 2022
[email protected]kalani1325 October 2022
[email protected]538400JH26 October 2022

Email: [email protected]
Pass: teamith

Email: [email protected]
Pass: apass@97531

Email:[email protected]
Pass: apass@97531

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Get a Netflix Account:

  • Open Netflix.com on your browser on your PC.
  • Type Netflix.com/watch-free.

Have Fun!

How to Get a Netflix Account in 2022: Try This:

I have found two new ways to get free Netflix, you can get it too. None of these methods required any illegal act, just follow the instructions, and you will get a free Netflix account.

Get a Free Netflix Account with T-Mobile Subscription:

Yup, You Can Too, How? Well if you are a T-Mobile Subscriber, there is a chance that you get a free Netflix Account.

Just to remind you, Netflix Account is Free but T-Mobile Subscription is not.

I have heard that T-Mobile and Netflix are working on a partnership for quite some time now. The good news is that they have finalized it.

So if you are a T-Mobile subscriber and you have an eligible plan, then you can get the Netflix account for free.

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How to get Netflix Free Subscription

Such diversified content from all genres and different productions. Are you expecting Netflix is giving all that for free! Never!.
Users will only get a chance to enjoy the one-month trial free of cost. Netflix isn’t a Free source Application so you have to pay the amount according to the subscribed plan every month unless you pay it on annual basis.

However, Netflix offers one month of free membership for each user, after the total that you pay the cash according to your Plan.
For this free membership, you may pursue the beneath method and make an Account for Netflix.

Step 1: Open the Netflix official website on your Android, iPhone, Windows, and macOS.

Step 2: On that page click or tap on the “Email Address” bar, enter your Email, and click on get started.

Step 3: Now another Window is opened, here you can see the choice for the “Choose your Plan”, essentially Click on Next.

Step 4: Here you can see the Netflix month-to-month membership plans list, select the premium or any Plan according to your budget. Click on the Next Option.Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2021 Step 5: Now another New window is opened for “Setup your Payment” You have the option of using a Credit Card (Visa/American Express/Mastercard), you can set up your account using the Postpaid Mobile bill.
Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2021
Step 6: Now, give your “Visa details” in the necessary spaces.

Step 7: Congratulations on successfully making an account on Netflix, now you can enjoy the Free one-month of premium plan. In the first month, not a single penny will be charged.

Free Netflix Accounts Giveaway
Here are the free Netflix Accounts that we updated on the 12th of October 2022. Every day between 12 AM to 12 PM we update this list. Please keep visiting our list of Netflix Accounts Free every day and whenever you remember. Be the first one to enjoy Free Netflix services through itsdailytech giveaways. Free Netflix Accounts Netflix Accounts Updated On October 12, 2022

Passwords are given below Please don’t change the password of the Free Netflix Account if you got one.

Final Words

To be honest, we are not in the favour of getting Netflix Premium for free. Netflix spends billions of dollars every year, to provide legit and high-quality content to its viewers. You’re every penny matters because it will help Netflix to make the content better and better.

Every new season is more bitterly produced than the previous one in terms of cinematography, Resolution, Detailing, Editing, etc. They are spending billions to entertain, you have to pay at least in hundreds.

Anyhow in this tutorial, we wrote the tips and tricks to get Free Netflix Premium. Also, viewers can see a pretty lengthy list of Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords for 2022.

What is the Netflix Free trial?

Netflix offers a one-month free trial but you have to enter your card or subscription method. Afterward, your whole month will be free. After one month if you want to continue with Netflix, you have to pay according to the plan you choose.

Do we have to pay any kind of money to use this?

If you directly created an account on Netflix then you have to pay. Otherwise, if you picked any working account from itsdailytech.com then you can use Netflix without paying any kind of money.

How can I get a free Netflix account?

You can get a free Netflix account from our website. And, also a one-month free account from Netflix official. There are a lot of our fellow websites that will provide a free account to you.

Is using this account safe?

Yes! all of the accounts enlisted above are safe to use, Because these are not fake accounts, these are just giveaways and shared accounts by our visitors and our Reddit community members.

Is There Any Free Netflix Accounts Generator?

Nope, there is not a single working Netflix-free account generator. All of such generators are fake and they are just for getting views and clicks. We highly recommend staying away from such traps.

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    • Yeap it works, the issue is on a single account only 5 devices can work at a time. If you logged in to some account and it doesn’t work, it means already 5 users or 5 accounts are online on Netflix.

  1. I need An Account and Password Please I am giving you my email please send the premium netflix password and email on this address please please please send it
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    please please please send it on this address i will be very very very grateful to you sir please please please send it….

    Thankyou So Much … LOVE FROM PAK and again Please Please PLease send

    • Check our newly added accounts and passwords for January 2022, remember single account can work on only 5 devices at a time.

  2. Hi my brother i am from Afghanistan and i can’t use from the above account please please please send me an account please please it is my emil [email protected]
    Or my whtsapp 0778495126
    Please my bro if you want any thing i will gave you please 🙏😥😥😥

  3. I badly want to finish Tokyo Ghoul “re” does anyone have an available account, I will log it out right away after finish the series


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