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20 Legal Streaming Movie Download Sites for free In [October 2022 ]


The Best and Legal Streaming Movie Download Sites for free.

There is nothing better and cheaper entertainment than watching a good movie. People who survive the COVID-19 and have been in lockdown for 2 years know the importance of streaming sites and apps.

Not all people like to spend money on Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, or Amazon Prime subscriptions. There is a reason why “Free” is one of the most searched words on the internet. Free Entertainment became the basic need of the people.


Everyone needs some entertainment at the weekends, especially a job person.

Last Updated on October 26, 2022:

Legal and Legit Free Movie Download Websites 2022

So itsdailytech is compiling the best Legal streaming Movie Download Sites For Free that you can use in 2022 and later.

The sources mentioned in today’s tutorial are ranked on criteria of users reviews, ratings, variety of movies, costs, and authority.

You Should Check:

Remember there are not many legal sources that provide movies and seasons for free.

Pick the one and make your movie nights exciting and cost less. Maybe, you just need to pay for popcorn and a drink!

How to Download Free Movies from these Sites
Some of these sources provide direct download links, through which you can download movies for free from their servers. On the other hand, sources that don’t have direct download links have the support of different downloader sites and apps. Even you can download free movies from these sources through Torrent. You just have to download the Torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent or any other client for downloading movies from these sources


Guess who is at the top! none other than YouTube. It is not just the biggest free movie streaming website but also the largest library of videos in the entire world to date.

The second most accessed website in the world contains millions of popular and unwatched movies.

Some of the movies are with the original titles but most of them are with the “Fake Title” like similar keywords.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

There are many movies on YouTube that are totally legal and protected with copyrights infringement too.

So, you can say that YouTube is the best free movie streaming website ever. It offers thousands of Movies and you don’t need to pay a single penny to watch them.

Noteworthy Mentions

Some of the top classes available to download movies from YouTube for free are.

  • Legally Blonde
  • IP Man
  • The Terminator
  • Kung Fu Killer
  • Flawless
  • Zookeeper


  • Hundred of Movies for streaming without any charges.
  • Every day new movies are uploaded or shared by different users.
  • Best User interface with a massive variety of similar movies.
  • Accessible from smartphones and PC supported by Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.


  • No latest movies and shows.
  • Confusing Video Titles, no one knows what’s inside.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the second biggest video and biggest data library on the internet. The Internet Archive website is like a museum of the websites.

Not just provide the Videos, theoretical and practical stuff, but also shows the evolution of legendary websites and how their legacy was started.

This is the Godfather of websites, or you can be the Ancestor of websites founded in websites. It contains three decades of websites.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

You can find a lot of free movies to download from The Internet Archive library. It would be more than YouTube.

As it is not the direct source, that is why we kept it on Second. Otherwise, it is one of the most respected and beloved websites, the Vacheron of the internet.

Surely, the best Legal Streaming Movie Download Site for free.

This free movie download site also provides users with a free library card facility that will allow users to access forums, the ability upload videos, and bookmark favorite content, Nearly equal to administrator rights.

Noteworthy Mentions

  1. Marvel Movies
  2. Lord of the Rings (Complete Series)
  3. The God Father (Various Sources)
  4. The Shawshank Redemption (Highest Rated Movie of all time)
  5. DC universe (All movies)


  • Largest Library of movies to download across multiple genres, regions, and languages
  • Available globally in each and every country with internet facilities.
  • Torrent download and Internet Download Manager option on some movies


  • Very few direct download links.
  • The latest movies and some of the classic hits are not available.
  • Not user-friendly, difficult to understand for an average mind.

Watch TCM

Turner Classic Movies commonly known as TCM is the best collection of classic movies and hits like Charline Chaplin, Laurel, Hardy, etc.

This is a popular source to watch free movies. This service is available inside the US because it is operated by a popular cable network in the US.

Now they have collaborated with a lot of other IPTV players, streamers, video hosts, etc. You should Try TCM as they offer a great collection of Movies.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

TCM offers the movies for free but for their cable network subscribers.

Users can watch an unlimited number of free movies with either a cable or satellite package.

What’s more! They offer Apps for both Android and iOS, whereas Windows and macOS users can rely on a web version of the app that comes with a built-in video player.

People choice on TCM

  • Useable with the cable subscription, like buy one get one free or Two in one.
  • Best sites for classic movies specifically.
  • Bring some movies which are not available anywhere else.
  • The real classic gems that were eating dust before are available here.
  • You can watch popular classic hits Gone With The Wind,
    Westworld, Casablanca etc.


  1. Only available in the USA.
  2. Only the classic movies.
  3. Available for Cable users only.
  4. Limited genres only


Hotstar is an Indian-made streaming service that offers original movies and tv shows for Indian users.

This app is becoming the most valuable online streaming service in India, especially after the acquisition by Disney entertainment.

Now the platform has become international, available in the USA also.

We are ranking it 4th according to the people’s choice and reviews but we don’t personally like this platform because of many limitations.

For many years Hotstar was only useable in India and now they are in the US due to Disney.

Only a user inside India can stream a movie or show on Hotstar for free. All others have to pay for the streaming service. Hotstar offers movies like

  • Raid
  • Kaabil
  • Jolly LLB
  • Bodyguard
  • Dil Bechara
  • Super 30
  • Houseful

It features a vast collection of Bollywood, Tamil, South-Indian, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri movies that are trending in Asian countries. All of the movies and totally legal and you can download movies from Hotstar using Torrent and IDM and similar tools.


  • Indian viewers got the best source of free entertainment. The app will cost nothing to a user inside India.
  • Premium subscription packages for movie downloads are available at cheap rates.


  • Legal but not a free Streaming Movie Download Site.
  • Only available in India and USA.
  • Only free for Indians.
  • Paid for Americans.
  • Not available in other countries.

The Korean Film Archive

This is another Download Free Movies Website but different from the aforementioned sources.

It focuses on Korean production specifically.

But, that doesn’t make it a low rank because it brings all the Korean Movies that are produced to date.

You will also get all new Korean Movies to download for free in the future too.

Korean Movies are becoming the new trend, you have an example of amazing movies like Parasite, Minari, Burning, and The Handmaiden.

The American movie watchers can explore a plethora of Korean content, they will surely love the unique stuff with dramatic acting and full of suspense movie productions.

This official channel contains more than 200 classic Korean movies right from the 1930s onwards.

A perfect channel and a channel is the perfect way to explore the classic works of South Korean Cinema.

Watch best Korean Movies like;

  • Sopyonje
  • Aimless Bullet
  • A Dwarf Launches A Little Ball
  • The Day A Pig Fell Into The Well

For the entertainment seekers’ ease, The Korean Film Archive offers the English Subtitles for each and every movie present here.

Users can also add subtitles for movies that are not with subtitles.

The subtitles addition feature makes this website complete. You will get multiple server options to play the movie smoothly.


  • Free movies for Korean cinephiles, the best source for them.
  • Get the option of English subtitles for every movie.
  • Suitable for users who don’t know the Korean Language.
  • Globally Available


  • No diversity in the content.
  • Users can only watch South Korean movies.
  • A limited number of movies

Le CiNéMa Club

The Le CiNéMa Club is one of the most anticipated and highly accurate free Movie Download sites in the world.

This website primarily focuses on an Indie film streaming site. It was launched in 2015 before.

Now it is rebranded and came with a new user interface that is really user-friendly. That’s the appreciatable thing about this source.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

This website is not just a streamer but also a great promoter.

This website promotes young talent, and new products by talented directors.

Le CiNéMa Club lets you explore rare gems and unwatched hidden content, that is not viral due to lack of promotion, limited budget production, and lack of financial resources.

This website is very different from other sources. It is famous for streaming one film only in a week.

The producer, directors, and actors of the movies can promote their films at the Le CiNéMa Club at a very low cost.

The most popular genres on this free movie streaming website are short films and documentaries.

Le CiNéMa Club streams the popular hits of the past like Claire Denis’ ultra-rare “Keep It for Yourself”.

At the time of writing this article, the Le CiNéMa Club is streaming the CAPRICE a film by JOANNA HOGG. 1986, UK, 26 min. Tilda Swinton tumbles through a fashion magazine in Hogg’s mod, ecstatic thesis film.


  • Users can find and watch hidden outstanding films.
  • Promotes young talent and lets us explore hidden gems.
  • Surprise entertainment, no one knows what’s coming on this Friday.
  • Best Free Download Movies website for random movie lovers.


  • Only one movie in each week.
  • Limited Content and the long wait for the next movie.
  • Don’t bring any of the high-rated and globally hit movies.


After Netflix and Amazon Prime, the Crackle is one of the highest-rated and most beloved entertainment sources.

Crackle offers a pretty vast library of movies to download for free and to watch online movies for free.

You know who runs Crackle! It Sony! The giant Sony, is involved in giving us the best electronics, best sounds, best pixels, and highest resolutions that are currently running. Sony joins the trend of online streaming services.

This service was developed and owned by Sony before they got the shareholders Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company.

Now the partners are the owners and majority stakeholders of the Crackle. Still, Sony got many stakes to do something with Crackle.

So, such big media houses and producers are operating this service, you will get alot of movies to watch obviously.

Users need to signup, create a watchlist and you’ll be shown recommendations based on the taste and past selections.

The proud offerings by Crackle are Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy, and more. Crackle is not just a website but also got apps on Android and iOS which looks cool! Crackle may not be operative in some countries due to the License restrictions. So, some users have to use VPN Connection to watch and download free movies from Crackle.


  • Hundred of movies are available to watch and download for free.
  • Backed by the powerful developers.
  • Top productions of the top producers.
  • Massive Diversity in content.
  • Hell of Genres to choose from.
  • Brings the classic to the latest.


  • Most of the content is paid for.
  • Irritating Advertisements during the Movie stream
  • Geo-restricted content
  • Free but not exactly free!

A24 Movies on Kanopy

How can we miss the A24 Movies on Kanopy, if we are talking about the free movies? Another free movie streaming website and downloading movies on a computer.

A24 Movies on Kanopy is a website being used for free movie downloads for a while.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

Here are some of the outstanding movies that you can watch for free on Kanopy are;

  • Good Time
  • Lady Bird
  • The Lobster
  • Room
  • Moonlight
  • First Reformed
  • The Florida Project

Kanopy Stream thousands of films for free, thanks to the generous support of your public library or university.

You will love to use this Movie downloading site as it brings the anonymous and hidden titles that weren’t gone through public eyes due to some reasons.


  • Tons of award-winning and independent movies
  • Unique streaming model (library card supported)


  • Limitations on the number of movies you can stream per month
  • Not enough attractive titles to keep the user busy and exciting.

Pluto TV

Sapphire in the parcel of Diamonds, that’s how we want to explain Pluto TV. It is the most underrated tool among all of these.

This website and app were not legal when it was launched. They didn’t have the copyrights to stream much of the content that was available.

Now this source is 100% Legal and you are free to watch and download movies and shows for free from Pluto TV.

Users can watch free movies online and offers 100+ TV channels from different categories. There are different categories you will like to explore like Live TV, movies, tech, sports, and other popular sections.

The app is global but some features and sections of the app are only for the US. Especially the News channels are dedicated to the people inside the US.


  • Simple and Traditional TV-like interface, Nostalgia with modern Elements.
  • Globally available
  • Compatible with many operating systems through Web and apps.


  • You can’t find all the latest movies on it, only a few ones are there.
  • Annoying advertisements and commercials appear during the stream and on every tap.

Open Culture

Have you ever listened to Education and Entertainment together ever by anyone?

These 2 “E”s are so different and can never be together but Open Culture is a piece unique that offers both.

It is the home to free movies, free online courses, and free language lessons.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

Open Culture was founded in 2006, even the internet was so common at the time. They are providing content for 17 years.

This website has 6 main sections: Movies, Online courses, Language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, and Audiobooks.

Currently, there are 1150 movies that are caged inside the Open Culture. There are some pretty classic hits and iconic movies of the great Sir Charlie Chaplin.

You can find a lot of Oscar-Winning Movies here too.


  • Award-winning movies collection of Andrei Tarkovsky and Charlie Chaplin
  • Online courses, podcasts, ebooks, and audiobook
  • Globally available


  • No latest movies
  • Loading speed is comparatively slow


Users can download new movies for free using the Movies found online. This website is not like the other sites that we were discussing before.

It doesn’t upload any movie or show on the server.

Instead, it provides you the links of different servers having the specific movie or show.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

Due to don’t having copyrights the MoviesFoundOnline actively and frequently deletes the shows that are protected by copyright infringement.

Users can watch free movies, independent films, TV shows, and stand-up comedy videos on MovieFoundOnline.

The website offers free movies cult classics, short films, documentaries, and comedy movies including the classic and latest ones.


  • Night mode feature to comfort the watching eyes, especially at night time.
  • Also features unseen and rare gems short films, documentaries, animations, and TV shows.


  • Intrusive advertisements on the website
  • A very little amount of movies in many genres especially Action, Horror, Animation, etc.


Indie filmmaker and actor Kentucker Audley founded the NoBudge. If we call NoBudge a one-person project, It won’t go in vain.

NoBudge’s website is dedicated to short and feature films that are not produced under popular labels. Just like the Le CiNéMa Club, it also promotes hidden and rare gems.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

Many movies on this platform haven’t been much seen or reviewed by the critics, so you’ll have to stream them without any assistance of any kind.

However, since each Movie and Film is personally selected by Audley, the chances of bad movies on this platform don’t seem to exist.


  • Every day you will see a unique handpicked movie by Audley at NoBudge.
  • 60% of profit goes to independent filmmakers whose day and night struggle is giving us this level of entertainment.


  • No drawback, just massive respect to Audley.
  • Advertisement appearance in the movies is maybe a debatable drawback of this website.


Bounce is the first African-American broadcast network. The Bounce is telecasted on local television and cable stations across the U.S.

Now it is also available on the internet. On the official website, users can stream movies, original television series, and more.

Free Movie Download Sites
Free Movie Download Sites

Like we mentioned above many free online movie streaming sites, and you can view movies on the Bounce Website.

Bounce Lovers can download the Bounce TV app from their device OS app store. Users can get the Bounce TV apps from the iTunes App Store for iPhones and iPad.

On the other hand, Android users can locate the app in the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets.


  • Massive Collection of Movies
  • Quality changing options
  • Subtitles


  • Focus on local content mainly, very less international content is available in this app.
  • The interface is not as categorical as it should be.


Fawesome is probably one of the biggest collections of movies ever.

Users can find more than 10,000 movies and shows belonging to more than 25 genres. This app ensures 2 things no subscription and instant HD streaming.

That’s exactly what we want. The collection of movies is such massive that anyone will likely find something to hold your interest on Fawesome.tv

Free Movie Download Sites

If you are not a big fan of watching movies on a website then get the app, you can download the Fawesome.TV App on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.

This app also works and stream on your Roku, FireTV, LG device, and other major mobile devices. Users can explore the genres, including Action, Horror, LGBT, and more, get a random movie to watch.


  • Strongest Compatibility
  • Massive variety of Movies and Shows.
  • Useable of Android smart TVs.


  • Not includes much variety of Global Hits and oscar-winning movies.
  • Page Advertisement and pop-ups are too annoying.

Tubi TV

You know how much an app is great when you compare it to Netflix.

TubiTV is the most unique app on this list. Have you ever heard that a source is paying for acquiring the content but providing the viewers for free?

That’s the second greatest thing Tubi TV is doing for us.

Free Movie Download Sites

We are not talking about some few thousand bucks, Tubi TV spends more than 100 million dollars approximately per year to buy content with copyrights.

Oth the second end, viewers watch the show or movie on Tubi TV for free. When the first time we saw the fact, we were stunned because it sounds unbelievable.

This app is that it brings unseen content from the past and present, that’s also a lovely thing about the app.

I watched the Jack Hunter series, the librarian series, The guardian of Solomen, etc on Tubi TV.

Those productions didn’t go viral at their time but they are worth a lot. Such content is watchable on Tubi TV.


  • Million of dollars of content and you watch that for free.
  • Legal and Safe
  • Frequent Uploading and updating.


  • No drawbacks, shoutout to Tubu TV for giving us free content.

Ant Movies

Ant Films is a genuinely new site that has arisen to offer a chance to watch free motion pictures on the web.

You can watch free motion pictures on the website, also you can likewise download films to watch them without an internet connection.

Ant Movies offers a fair assortment of movies from Hollywood.

What makes this probably the best site to watch free films is its UI.

Free Movie Download Sites

The site has been perfectly designed and the films have been isolated into various areas specifically “Featured”, “Top Viewed Today”, “Most Favourite”, “Top Rating”, “Top IMDB” and much more. All of these and you don’t need to pay a single penny. What can be better than this?


  • A large collection of free to watch movies
  • Excellent UI with brief categorization to watch random movies from any genre.


  • Very few classic hits
  • Annoying Ads
  • Lags and hangs frequently

Yify Movies [ Free Movie Download Sites ]

The only reason why we are keeping the Yify Movies at the low rank is probably the redirecting.

Due to continuous violations, the search engines deindexed and shut down the Yify Movies.

The operators keep getting the same domain with the new extension and above the website again.

Free Movie Download Sites

Viewers want a trustable and sustainable source for the Long term.

Currently, there are 35000 plus movies that you can download for free from the Yify movies.

We include the YiFy Movies in our List because there is no doubt in the collection. Probably one of the largest collections of movies any site can offer.


  • A large collection of free to watch movies
  • Excellent search functionality


  • It is illegal from some angles although it doesn’t upload any content.
  • The operators keep the site directly after one or two months to avoid the breakdown.

Legal Torrent Sites

We are quite confused to include this source in our list of Legal and free Movie download websites.

Because Torrent and Legal words can’t be used in the same sentence according to the tech enthusiasts.

We saw on many blogs that torrents can be legal also. So we are ranking these on the second last rank.

There are Hundred of legal torrent websites out there that only share content that’s in the public domain.

Users are allowed to visit these safe torrent sites to download movies from various sources and then play them offline.

123 Movies

If the Guinness Book of World record enters the record of the website with the most redirects it would be 123 Movies.

I as an author personally used this website for more than 7 years, they shift to a new domain every month because of the legal issues and copyrights controversy.

If they don’t have the legal issue the 123 Movies will be the biggest website to watch and download movies in HD quality for free.

This website would be the jack of all trades. What we can say is the bad luck of this website.

123 Website is still live and users can access this free movie streaming website anytime they want.

But, don’t watch the content that is illegal. We don’t support any of the content that is unlicensed and doesn’t have copyrights to be played on 123 movies.com.


  • The largest collection of Movies on the internet.
  • More than 200K movies of different genres.
  • Complete collection in HD prints.


  • Keep redirecting every month.
  • Much of the content is illegal.
  • Hell of advertisements

Yidio Movies

At the last, we want to keep the Yidio Movies became of the complicated interface and first sign-up rule. Users have to sign-up or Yidio and then give their bank card details. After that, the Yidio users will get the 7 days trial.

That’s not a user-friendly thing, For a person who doesn’t have a bank card or a student, what they will do?

Free Movie Download Sites

We are including the Yidio Video in the list, just became of the movies collection.

Can’t ignore the fact that the variety of the movies is massive.

Also, there are some categories on the left pane. That lets users select the genre, era, Alphabetical order, and more.

Yidio itself is nothing, it just legally collects the content from sources like Amazon. Crackle, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

What we like most about the Yidio is the short movies. It’s more of an is more of an online video guide with free and paid content all in one place.


  • Watch highly anticipated content of Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crackle, etc for free.
  • Yidio means your internet video, it means that the content is diversified and you can watch any video.

Cons :

  • Sign-up and subscription, also demand bank card details.
  • Very minor content is kept under the Free label.

This is it, these were the 20 Legal Streaming Movie Download Sites for free in 2022.

Exploring the new technologies trends, products, and services. Providing the reviews, discussing the issues, writing the solutions for many years. Furthermore, he explores the best branded and non-branded gadgets that save your cost and also provide you with the best services. Here at itsdailytech, he guides users in fixing the issues and about the new arrivals.


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