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45+ Free Disney Plus Accounts [October 2022]


Today, we are giving away free Disney Plus Accounts to the itsdailytech daily visitors and newcomers. The time is limited so grab disney+ Free Account.

Another day at itsdailytech another free gift to our viewers.

Disney is a legendary content creator. Once there was a time when this single name was popular among kids more than any other creator and producer.


Disney was originally founded on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Studio. That’s why the company is also known as Disney Walt. 

Disney will celebrate 100 years of excellency and legacy in 2023. What a year that will be! it will be their centennial jubilee. On November 12, 2019, Disney Walt launched the online on-demand video streaming platform by name of Disney+.

This service is just like Netflix. The only difference they are producers of most of the content on Disney+. They have their own content.

It is an account-based service. Users have to subscribe to the Disney+ services without the trial period. The rates are given below.

Disney+ Subscription plans and prices

Disney+ services cost $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually, you can save a few bucks on an annual subscription. It includes the following features.

There is a Premier Access app that is full of features. It allows you to watch recent releases before standard subscribers for $29.99 each.

Disney+ doesn’t offer a free trial, it’s paid right after you installed it. However, there are selective Verizon packages you can get up to 6months of Disney+ services for free.

If some of you have signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited, you can enjoy a free Disney+ account by receiving a code from Amazon Music.

The below table will show you the plans, prices, and details in a better understandable way.

Subscription Name:Cost:What’s Included:
Standard Disney+ Subscription$7.99 per month or $79.99 annually ($6.66 per month)1. All Disney Plus content
2. Everything is ad-free
3. Unlimited downloads (10 devices)
4. Over 100 titles in 4K UHD & HDR
5. Up to 4 simultaneous streams
6. Up to 7 profiles

7. Parental controls
Disney Plus- Hulu-ESPN+ bundleHulu with ads – $13.99 per month
Hulu no ads – $19.99 per month
Hulu + Live TV – $72.99 per month
1. All Disney+ content
2. Live sports & other ESPN+ content
3. Thousands of Hulu movies & shows
4. This Bundle saves $8 per month
5. Three Hulu plans to choose from; Ads, no ads & Hulu + Live TV
Disney+ Premier Access$29.99 for each movie (need a Disney+ subscription)1. Watch Disney movies as they’re released in theaters
2. Access before standard subscribers
3. Endless re-watches

Here are the possible ways through which you can get a Disney+ Free account. Also, the Free Disney Plus Accounts for giveaways are given there.

First Method: Get a Verizon Unlimited plan

As we mentioned Verizon users get to enjoy the free Disney+ account for six months.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Get a free code from Verizon

Free Disney Plus Account

Here is the way to get a free Disney account on a device with the Verizon network.

1. Open the Verizon app or go to the web page, and Sign in to your Verizon account.
2. On your Verizon Account profile, Click on Add-ons and select apps overview.
3. Select Disney+ then tap or click on Learn more. Afterward, select Get it now.
4. Enter your email address and then click on “Check email”.
5. Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Enroll in Disney+”.
6. Click on “Go to Disney”, and you are ready to create your Disney+ account.

The Verizon users who have the following services active on their 5G supported device can use a free Disney Plus account.

  • 5G Do More,
  • 5G Start,
  • Get More Unlimited,
  • Do More Unlimited,
  • Play More Unlimited,
  • Verizon Plan Unlimited,
  • Go Unlimited,
  • Beyond Unlimited,
  • Above Unlimited.

Second Method: Subscribe to Sky Broadband Plan

(Get a year of free Disney+ Account)

This offer is for the Kiwis only, Or for people who are in New Zealand, they can get Disney+ for free by purchasing a Sky broadband plan.

Free Disney Plus Account

Go and get it now because this offer was started on 9th June 2021 and will end on 30th September 2022. You have just a few months left.

 Sky Broadband users! You’ll be offered a free 12-month subscription to Disney Plus. 
  • Visit the Sky Broadband web page or open to login Sky Broadband account.
  • Once you got the code, you can redeem it by entering it on Disney+ sign-up page.
  • Payment mode is a must, you must enter your card details or any other optional payment method in order to activate your account. Don’t worry transaction will be done after 12 months if you allow.

Unfortunately, if you’re already a current Disney Plus subscriber, you won’t be eligible for the offer.

Disney+ already users can’t avail of this offer. So, better create a new account with a new email on Disney Plus and enter the given code to that account.

Third Method: Sharing is Caring

You can use a single subscription of Disney+ for up to 4 devices. It means you can share the account for free or cost-sharing on 3 other devices. One will pay and the other 3 can get it for free if one allows!

But don’t share the account with more than 3 other persons. Only 4 devices can use the Disney Plus account at a time. Otherwise, people have to wait to use the Disney+ service until they exit the app or account.

Free Disney Plus Account Giveaway

Here is the list of Free Disney Plus Accounts that are 100 percent working. Grab an account quickly otherwise people will change the password.

Email addressPassword
[email protected]fopan19576
[email protected]mimisis908
[email protected]hilamis499
[email protected]gepomok395
[email protected]sijey64255
[email protected]cifege7650
[email protected]laxed67493
[email protected]milek90521
[email protected]riyahij513
[email protected]howeho8042
[email protected]dakabac713
[email protected]milepe1706
[email protected]helik34334
[email protected]rihirix339
[email protected]lamaji7719
[email protected]fosaval345
[email protected]viwem53711
[email protected]gejek49800
[email protected]petere7303
[email protected]kemam98202
[email protected]titif58070
[email protected]velakof134
[email protected]herelet968
[email protected]xerexif463
[email protected]vapere7786
[email protected]necefe6834
[email protected]rokera2000
[email protected]kimilor471
[email protected]kitiga4313
[email protected]xikon75219
[email protected]pipad91866
[email protected]roges48764
[email protected]belax36839
[email protected]dewic14641
[email protected]ribay78576
[email protected]mefise9549
[email protected]renodav861
[email protected]codey33221
[email protected]vasave9001
[email protected]popix33414

Keep in mind that the free Disney+ accounts above are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How do I get 3 free months of Disney Plus?

Free Disney Plus Account

No Disney+ doesn’t offer a free trial to all users, Only people with Verizon Network globally or Sky Broadband users in New Zealand can enjoy the Free Disney Plus Account.

Disney Plus is paid or free?

Yes! you have to pay for a monthly subscription or annual subscription to use Disney+ services on your device. Free accounts and free ways to use Dinsey+ are given above.

How do I get a free Disney Plus account?

You can get a free Disney+ from our website. A six-month free account from Verizon official, a 12-month free trial from Sky Broadband. There are a lot of our fellow websites that will provide a free account to you.

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