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Free Clubhouse Accounts List [October 2022]


The clubhouse is a very unique social app where you can only listen and speak. This is an audio-based social media network, you can’t send videos, pictures, documents, or even texts. You can say it is the only Podcast app where people can create and join chat rooms.

There is one more unique thing about this app that makes it complex even. The clubhouse is an invite-only app since the beginning. It means if you have an invitation link to Clubhouse sent by an already registered user then only you can join it.

Free Clubhouse Accounts


In the beginning, the Clubhouse itself sent the invitation to famous, rich, and wise people. Later those people sent the invitation link to other people. That’s how the network spread to 10 million active users in 2021 according to Statistica.

Rohan Seth is the most followed account on Clubhouse and he is also the founder of this app.

It was once a 4 billion dollar valued network now this app is not as popular as it was in the past. Still, there are millions of people on this network and millions want to join it.

Where can I get a Clubhouse invitation Link for free?

People are finding difficulties how to join Clubhouse as there is no one in their circle who can send the invitation link.

We even saw a trading platform where clubhouse accounts and links were selling. 100, 200 Dollars was the range of these accounts and links. It is pretty expensive and why should you pay an amount to a platform which is completely free?

We searched a lot for the links but we hardly found one or two. But, we made some friends through our tech community, and luckily they offered us a few Free Clubhouse Accounts which is very rare.

We decided to share some of the Clubhouse accounts for free with itsdailytech viewers. But you have to be quick because people are coming for these accounts and with the blink of an eye all accounts will be gone.

Free Clubhouse Accounts List

Here are some of the free Clubhouse Accounts that we are giving away. As soon we found more we will update them here so keep visiting.

Accounts EmailPasswords
[email protected][email protected]@589
[email protected]jbayfguhfh123
[email protected]gordon245
[email protected]thecoffin23
[email protected]@legendarysword1
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]stilloveherwhich1
[email protected]killermiller30
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected][email protected]

FAQs: Clubhouse Accounts Free

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to Clubhouse free Accounts.

Is Clubhouse Account Free?

Yes, no charges are implied to users while creating a Clubhouse account. Their developers’ team has kept the Clubhouse account free, but you got to spend money to buy an invitation.

How many Invites does Clubhouse give?

As the invite-only platform, it only allows 2 invites to the newcomers who just joined the platform. Maybe they will allow you more once you start using Clubhouse frequently.

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