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Fortle [Fortnite Wordle Clone] – Get Answers Daily from here


Today we are talking about a new game Fortle. What is the relation between Fortle and Fortnite? Also, we will give the Fortle Answers daily.

Our itsdailytech team will update game answers daily. Let’s take about the Fortle game and why people are relating it with the Fortnite game.

What is Fortle Game?

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Fortle is the Clone of the world-famous Words game Wordle with the theme of Fortnite. That’s why the game is known as Fortle (Fortnite + Wordle).

This game is so much fun and is available on the Web only. There are not any Fortle apps for Android and iOS. We are talking about this game specifically.

What is the meaning of Fortle Game Colours?

The Orange color indicates that the “letter is a part of today’s answer and is in the correct position”.

Grey Color: It indicates that “This letter is not a part of today’s answer”.

Purple Color: Indicates that the “letter is a part of today’s answer but is in the wrong position”


Where to Play Fortle?

Anyone can play Fortle anywhere as this game is available globally. Users can play this game on the web page only as there are no Fortle Apps for Android or iOS. User’s who want to play Fortle need to visit the link given below.

Fortle Answer Daily

We are also starting Today’s Fortle Words streak with our viewers. Users who want the right Fortle Word every day on the first attempt should keep visiting this article every day.

Today’s Fortle Answer – SIGHT [Monday 23 May, 2022]

Because we will update the Fortle Word of the day every day as we get it.

How much time is required to get a new Fortle?

Users have to wait for 12 hours to play next Fortle, no matter in which timezone they are.

By the way, if you are crazy for Fortle and can’t even wait for a few hours! We already drafted a guide on how to play Fortle More than once a day.


How you can share your Fortle Results on Facebook? Learn from the steps written below.

Total Time: 1 minute

How to Share Fortle Results on Facebook

1. From the main interface of your Fortle game, click once on the “Leaderboards” icon (present at the top-right corner).
2. Now, click on the green “Share” button (this action would copy your Fortle score’s link)
3. Next up, go visit your Facebook timeline on a web browser or desktop application.
4. Click on the “What’s on your mind” box to upload your status.
5. Right-click on the empty space provided by Facebook to write
6. what’s on your mind select the “Paste” option.
7. At last, click on the blue “Post” button.

Is Fortle By Fortnite

No, the game is not officially launched by Fortnite. It is just inspired by the Fortnite game. The colors are matching developers’ work on Fortnite skin and the Site domain has the Fortnite name in it. Maybe that’s why people are relating Fortle with Fortnite officially.

Can more than one person play the game on an iPhone or Android?


As I already told you before, Fortle is only a web-based game like Wordle. Users can play Fortle on Android and iPhone but only using the Website. Visit Fortniteskin.com and click on the Fortle game.

Is Fortle Legal?

We don’t know about the legal status of the game. I don’t think that the news of the Fortle game reached the Fortnite headquarters. Otherwise, they should clarify it already. Till now the game is live and available to play. We don’t support any the illegal activities and this article is purely for informational purposes.

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