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Newly Added Focus Mode On iOS 15 – Feature Explained – How To Use


Trying to Focus on something but your device notifications are disturbing you. Try the new Focus Mode On iOS 15, and remove all the distractions from your Apple device. Every application on our device sends us a notification of the latest deals, power-ups, news, stocks, and much more. Sometimes these notifications disturb us because we are working on something else.

Users also receive notifications from phone calls and text messages from friends or network promotional messages. Or from WhatsApp or any other social networking application on your device. With the new iOS 15 feature, you can easily remove distractions from your iPhone or iPad. And focus on stuff that you are doing or performing.

Moreover, this feature is not only for making you concentrate on work. Using this feature you can concentrate on many things. Like in work hours you can activate Focus mode to concentrate on work on hand. However, if you are gaming, then no notifications will ruin your gameplay. Thus, you can use Focus Mode On iOS 15 for multiple purposes.


You can also learn about all features in iOS 15. Also, learn about the new Siri, which can perform without an internet connection on iOS 15. Access Focus mode and get to know about some tips and tricks in iOS 15. The Live Text feature can also help you in many ways. If you want you can also play white noise on iPhone and iPad on iOS 15. Visit our website and get to know all about iOS 15 and its all new and improved features.

What Is Focus Mode?

Focus Mode On iOS 15, allows you to concentrate on things that are important or matters to you. Never receive unwanted phone calls and text messages that distract you in your personal or work time. In easy words, you can consider Focus Mode as an enhanced Do Not Disturber Mode. Moreover, the focus mode can easily be modified according to the user’s requirements. Focus Mode users these algorithms to ensure that you never miss anything important.

Silent Notifications

When the Focus Mode is activated all the notifications are muted. You will not hear any notification, nor any notification will appear in the notification center and the status bar. Moreover, if you have allowed any notifications then they will appear.

Never Miss Out Important Stuff

You can add people to the important list so you never miss out on the latest update on your work. If you receive a message or call from the person on the important list, they will appear. Your device will also make a sound unless it is in Silent Mode.

Focus Mode Status

When you are in Focus Mode and your friend is trying to reach you. Then, your friend will receive a message that you have muted notification using Focus Mode.

Focus Mode On iOS 15

Activate Focus Mode Automatically

Focus Mode is here to make your life easy. So you can freely focus on stuff that really matters and is important for you. For having a simplified experience you can set the timer for activating Focus Mode. Moreover, you can set the Time, Location, or app you are using to automatically activate Focus Mode on iOS 15.

Types of Focus Mode That Can Be Created On iPhone or iPad

Set the type of Focus Mode so your device can understand the purpose of desired concern. This helps the onboard intelligence system to understand you better in many ways.

Types of Focus Mode

Here is a list of types of Focus Mode that you can select.

  1. Work Time.
  2. Personal Time.
  3. Game Time.
  4. Reading.
  5. Driving.
  6. Fitness.
  7. Sleep.
  8. Do Not Disturb.
  9. Custom.

How Can I Create A New Custom Focus Mode On iOS 15?

Here is how you can create Focus Mode on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Settings App on your device (iPhone or iPad)
  • Find and open the Focus option.

Focus Mode On iOS 15

  • Now tab on the + icon on the top right corner of the screen.

  • A new popup screen will appear asking you “What Do you want to Focus on?” You will have 3 options, if you don’t want to select from those options then click on the “Custom” option.

  • A new popup will appear with brief details of the Focus Mode, tap on the Next option to continue.

  • On the next screen, you will have the option to select people that you want to receive notifications from.
  • Now click on the Allow people button.

Focus Mode On iOS 15

  • A new popup screen will appear, here you will have to option to select the application from which you want to receive notifications. While the Focus Mode is activated.
  • Click on the Allow button to proceed.

Focus Mode On iOS 15

  • Now you are almost done. Toggle on the Time-Secretive Notifications, and Share Focus Status. and click on the Allow button.

Focus Mode On iOS 15

This is all regarding Focus Mode On iOS 15. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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