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Fixes for Android 12 App Crashing Issue


Android 12 is the latest addition to the Android Family. And yes! Android is better than iOS! No Offense! The day of September 23 2008 was the iconic day in the history of the technology World, the very first version of OS was launched. In the time period of 14 years, Google has launched 11 versions of Android and now they are 12. In such a short time period the Android OS became the most popular smartphone OS in the world. Google and Samsung are the biggest ones behind such success. Today 70% of the world’s smartphone users are using Android as their daily driver.

Android 12 App Crashing Issue

Android 12 is only available for the Google Pixels these days. This OS is still not released for other brand phones. As Google is the developer of Android, it is obvious that Google Pixel users will taste the Android 12 first before anyone else.


Some people are complaining about the Android 12 App crashing issues. We want to say that if you are using Android 12 on other than Google Pixel device, you are probably using Android 12 Beta. The beta version is just for testing, they are released to take suggestions of experts and normal phone users. Don’t use the Android 12 beta on your Phone, downgrade to Android 11 till the official release of 12. It will fix the Android 12 App Crashing issue.

Google Pixel Users!

If you are using the Google Pixel, it means you got the final and complete version of Android 12 on your smartphone. It was launched on the 19th of this month. If any pixel user is facing the Android 12 App Crashing issue. We just got a simple solution because we already know that Android System WebView is the reason behind it. In case, you don’t know about the Android WebView application, it is the tool that enable the functions of Gmail, Google, and other Google’s stock web-related applications.

How to Fix Android 12 App Crashing issue

You have to follow the below couple of solutions to fix the Android 12 App Crashing Issue on your device.

1. Re-Enable Android System WebView

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android 12. Scroll down to locate and tap on the Apps option.
  2. Tap on All apps from the sub-menu.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Android System WebView’.
  4. Then tap on ‘Disable’ and confirm the popup.
  5. Make sure to Enable the Android System WebView app again on the device to reset it.
  6. Now the program is reset successfully.

2. Uninstall and Re-Enable Android System WebView

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android 12 Smartphone.
  • Tap on Apps > Select All apps.
  • Go to the app store page for Android System WebView
    • There should be a link from its settings page.
  • Then select ‘Uninstall’ and wait for a few seconds, Once done! Tap on Enable and it will work right away.

Conclusion – Contact Support

The last option to solve any OS or Application Software related issue are the developers of that product. If all of the above solutions failed to fix the Android 12 Apps Keep Crashing Issue. Users need to contact Google Support and their experts will help you to solve this issue.

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