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How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku [2022]


Here are the Fixes for YouTube Not Working on Roku. The Roku is a set-top video player that allows you to access movies, TV shows, music, and other content on your home television. By pairing the Roku with YouTube, you can watch millions of videos on your TV.

First, you need to connect the Roku to your TV and plug it in. Download the free Roku app and create an account if you don’t already have one. Insert the included SD card into the slot on your device under the battery cover.

What is Roku?

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Roku is a streaming device that allows users to view and stream channels onto their TV. The Roku device provides access to thousands of different channels and apps, including game systems like XBOX, access to live news, and subscription services such as Netflix.

The Roku allows users to access content from all over the world. This is a great way for you to watch your favorite shows in multiple languages, or find out what is going on in different countries. It also provides a great opportunity for niche marketers to expand into other countries without having to spend much.

YouTube not Working on Roku

One of our frequent visitors reported to us that YouTube is not working on Roku at home. He asked us for suggestions and we presented the following solutions, After a few minutes, he said the issue is fixed.

YouTube Not Working on Roku

I am using Roku for almost a year and I love it. I use it to watch Youtube videos on my TV. When I was just getting started, I was able to watch youtube videos without any problem on my TV. But after one month of regular watching, it stopped working. Instead of the video, I only saw an error message saying “This video is not available”. After some research, I found that YouTube had blocked access to all their videos on Roku devices due to some copyright issues.

I tried every possible way to get rid of this issue. There were many online solutions but here are the most effective of them.

Every user should keep in mind that there can be several reasons behind the YouTube not working on Roku error. In that case, they need to implement a bunch of fixes to get rid of this error for good. I have added solutions to help users solve issues related to YouTube not working on Roku.

Wait for Page Uploading

Sometimes a user’s network or device’s services aren’t responding well. Resulting in, the device is responding slow and the resources are uploading after a couple of seconds. But once the resources are uploaded fully, YouTube starts to work like a charm. So while uploading the home page, wait for a couple of seconds, until the home page is fully uploaded on Roku.

Log Out from YouTube

In case you are using the YouTube on all of your electronic devices, you need to log out from all of them. After you have logged out from your devices, uninstall YouTube on Roku. Thereafter, restart your Roku device and re-install YouTube on it. Now login to check if this trick resolves the issue.

Try Roku Search

Rather than using a search on YouTube, try using the Roku search. An interesting fact is that if the media you are searching for is available on YouTube, Roku search will help you launch that specific media directly from the search interface. So if you are willing to watch a specific movie or tv series, simply use Roku search to start watching it.

Play from a Different Device

If you own a computer or smartphone, you should start your favorite media on it. Once the playback is detected by YouTube, resume your media on Roku. That’ll help you bypass the YouTube not working on Roku issue.

Because the problem is mostly caused while you are searching for media on YouTube. Users have reported that they didn’t face this issue while watching a movie or tv show. So for your benefit, start the live streaming on a different device and then, resume your favorite media on Roku.

Reset your Network

By any chance, if you are still unable to resolve the YouTube not working on Roku error, you should check out the connected internet connection. If you want, you can visit the speedtest.net website to examine your current network state.

If the uploading & downloading speed is lower, you should restart your network. A simple way of doing that is to restart the router to which your Roku device is connected. After your network is restarted, launch YouTube on Roku to check for the encountered issue.

Wait for Updates

The YouTube team has got lots of bad reviews from their subscribers. Mainly they are because of YouTube not working on Roku or Samsung Tv. The main issue is caused by the server-side. So if none of the above solutions are working for you, just wait until the new updates hit the market.

And, if you are currently facing this issue and encounter that a new update is available, rather than just updating the app, re-install it. So that, the cache files of YouTube are removed and you are installing a fresh copy of the app on your Roku device.

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